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Someone slap me if you like!!

I just had a mini babybel light as I just HAD to eat something and dont have any veggies, fish or chicken in the house! Have been feeling really crap all day and not sure if its emotional or not but I felt that my body was telling me to eat something. So, with virtually NO carbs and very low fat and cals I decided that a mini babybel light probably wouldnt kick me out of ketosis- trust me, it wasnt a spur of the moment thing, i checked the packaging thoroughly and thought about it first!

People will probably want to give me a slap for doing it but dont think it is necessarily a bad thing... I ate it slowly, and I actually feel better already- i dont feel guilty as i know its not going to do any harm in the long term, and I dont plan to make a habit out of it!!

Have to say tho, the aftertaste of the cheese is worse than the skanky taste of ketosis!! Not sure i would pick cheese next time- if there is a next time! xxx
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im gonny miss tea

the thig im gonny miss most is tea i dont smoke eat chocolate / crisps or drink juice (bet you are all wondering how im fat then ) i am but every time i have tea i have 2 sugars and milk and i must drink about 10 cups a day i think this is my addiction im not a big water drinker but do try and drink 3 ltrs a day when i have been doing one of my restarts i hear there is a juice you can put through your water thic might be a good idea for me where and when are you allowed to purchase it and what flavours do they have oh and how much is it i know way too many questions but hey if i cant ask here who can i ask xxxx


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:whoopass: But that can be for me too, cos I have done just that as well! LOL!

What is it with this week? We are all here having the munchies! I've had to do AAM OR 810 depending on portion sizes! Still have the Kfairy about so life isn't too bad.
Thanks Nikki- the 2 Nikki's both in the naughty corner eh?! i dont feel naughty tho.. is that bad?! :D ummm samsmummy the things ur thinking of are the CD water flavourings- cost about 7-8 quid for a pot and u can get them in orange, summer berry or veggie flavours (veg for hot water, new so havent tried it). You put 1tsp in a litre of water and it makes it taste yummy! I have both the fruit ones and swear by them! Not supposed to use them til week 2 but I do cos I find they help me stick to it!! xx


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:whoopass:;) hehe
I would slap you but you'd enjoy it too much ;)

Hahah you girls make me giggle! Sorry for starting a craving there Sarah! And Georgie... i would endure anything to get a bod like yours so slap away!!! OOOh check out the meetings thread, i have an idea for a good one! xx

Will go check out meetings!

i think the water flavourings will make me stick to it also not a big fan of plain water


finding my way again !
nevermind hun, at least it was a concious thing, thought out.
Like you know i've been real hungry today & had chicken & veg to keep my sanity LOL
tommorrow's another day
thanks cheryl :) makes me feel better! I have my meal with the family tomorrow (just having veggies) so that should hopefully make the day go quicker than it has today so will be less prone to caving! xx
The title of your thread just keeps leaping out at me, I've tried to resist but I just can't hold out any longer.......:whoopass::whoopass::whoopass::whoopass::whoopass::whoopass:

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