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Something different - your 1st thread!

Just thought I would look around my stats on Minimins and wondered what my 1st thread post was, so here it is, and Daisy was the first to answer me, what was yours :

Hello all, so glad I found this site there is so much positiveness - Well Done.
I am a man of 41, 5'7 and 3/4 (it all counts) weighing 20st the heaviest I have ever been:( and I am just about to start the LT VLCD and cant wait ( I have to wait as the pharmacy doesnt get any stock until Tuesday). So what I decided to do, rightly or wrongly I tried something different as I wanted to start last week. Last Sunday the 29th I decided to just go very careful with the eating which was easy as I had over indulged.
I started LL with a mates left overs on the 30th and this week have found it to be honest very easy although 4/5 litres of water took some getting use to, TIP: try drinking out of alternative containers other than a bottle. I will weigh myself in the morning and let you know, I do feel much better this week in general and not as bloated even to the point I can move around easier.
Advice please as I know I have lost a big lump this week, will this effect my initial loss on the LT diet?
My goal is 15/16 stone for my birthday in April and ultimatley 13 1/2 st soon after I hope as I personally believe its what you are comfortable with as opposed to what medically you should be, maybe Im wrong or maybe I will change my mind on that I will let you know when I get there soon!
I will post my weght in the morning:scale: and good luck to everyone espescially the lads as I dont know about you I get a bit hacked off with all the girly diet gags:mad:.
Finally to all you ladies get in now as when this weights off there will be such a queue:D
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lmao..this queue again! You started off just as talkative hun xx
lol xx


Posts when she can
Just looked up mine Garry and it was yourself who first gave me words of encouragement. When i seen ur progress sur i couldn't look back. See ..ur fab

Week 1 -12 15st 4lb
Week 2 - 6 14st 12lb
Week 3 - 7 14st 4lb
Week 4 - 7 13st 12lb
Week 5 - 4 13st 8lb
Week 6 - 6 13st 2lb
Week 7 -5 12st 12lb
in your Stats on your profile page hun xx
What a fab idea and boy does it bring back some memories....

Hi all

Well I met my CDC this evening and I am all stocked up and raring to go tomorrow. Must admit to being a little nervous about what to expect especially in the first few days. I have been reading lots of posts and am so encouraged by how supportive you all are. Looking forward to joining in and hopefully posting about my own successes soon!



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I cant find mine gaz, only gives me last 500 posts x


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You can tell in your written tone that you are trepidatious and that over the weeks and months your confidence and naughtiness has grown - it's amazing how weight can affect your personality and often hide the real you - how long is your Q now ?;)


Back on the wagon!
Wow! its great to look back and see what progress you have made....you stuck to your guns, kept to the diet, postive thinking and look at you know.......you are 9llbs lights that your original goal now? Have you settled on a new one??


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Here's mine afer week 1 WI!

Hi guys im checking in a bit late as i was out last night however, i had my first WI yesterday and......10lb lost!!! Woohoo! I had guessed i had lost about 8lb ish but was so pleased at 10! Its such a great feeling to see the numbers on the scales being much lower!

Having said that i actually felt a bit disheartened last night. My mum asked my brother if she could tell i had lost weight (she is amazed at the results) ovbiously he is male and couldnt see a difference. He then felt the need to go on to tell me how the diet is silly and i have no chance of keeping it off!

I understand we have to re feed slowly but i hope our bodies isnt expecting us to live on this little calories?? Can our bodies really and truely adjust because i have my hope very raised here:sigh:.

Anyway 10lb!!!
Tracy xxx


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Sola was my first response as well as the lovely Daisybank as ever! Gaz didnt bother lol x


Back on the wagon!

Here was my first one!!!

:wave_cry:Hi out there!! Been struggling with weight problems really since birth of my son almost 6 years ago gaining about 10lbs a year (most in the last two). Tired everything well most things...weight watches, curves, calorie control, atkins but just cant shift the pounds properly! Looking forward to the amazing support contributors seem to get!! Wish me luck!:sigh:
And you adjusted, me talk lol you never stop 4000+ now lmao yab yab yab


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Told you i was petrified of refeeding! I like talking cnt help it lol x


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You sound so 'new' and now you have this amazing confidence and wisdom - weightloss doesn't seem just to affect the way you look - it's so much more...You didn't join Garry's Q then ?


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Me hun?? lol xx
she was at the front but had to keep pushing her to the back for been sexually naughty lol xxx

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