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Sometimes I get so fed up of ..................


Don't get me wrong, I'm so glad I have a job.

I've been working on my career for 10 years and it just doesn't float my boat. But we're now in that situation where we can't afford for me to take a paycut in order to retrain etc.

I have a relaly good job with a lovely company, but I am bored rigid by the work.

Does anyone else ever feel like that? What did you do?
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OMG everyday I ve only recently got a job since last October so Im grateful to have it,but flippin heck its just printing filing moving papers from one desk to another,faxin em postin em!!

I was volunteering in the RSPCA shop before that obviously not paid but I loved it meeting new people having a laugh putting the stock out.Office work leaves me cold so boring, well the crap jobs I get are.Probably as I dont have any qualifications its not a career just a job.

Anyway after all that I totally understand how you feel:D


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I know how you feel too! Have worked in IT Sales for 10 years and about 18 months ago I came to the realisation that not only did i not like my job, I hated the company i did it for, and the people i worked with. I was so fed up with listening to them prattle on about what car they have, how big their house was, and which rolex they had - felt like i was in a bad initation of Harry Enfields loadsamoney all the time! Have now moved companies and apart from the boss (who is so rich he owns a sodding yacht) I don't have to deal with that type of person too much anymore, but i still don't want to be a salesperson my entire life!

Would love to retrain as a teacher, but couldn't afford the year off to train, or the 65% paycut it would entail once i was qualified- am stuck in this for the next 2 years at least - will then have paid off uni, and debt incurred in the poor years after uni and will be able to do my PGCE - presuming there are some teaching jobs left of course!

My advice would be figure out how much you can save each month, or pay of your debt each month, and set yourself a goal of x no of years before you get out of what you are doing and do something you love x


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The trouble with me is at 52 dont know what I would enjoy the thing is I dont like being trapped in a building all day.

I always fancied hairdressing beauty that type of thing but Ive always had to work at what I could do for money. I really envy people who love their job.:D


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Know the feeling. Dont really want to go into what i do on here but ive been working for same organisation for nine years. I absolutely loved it until xmas when there was an incident that made me completely lose faith in the organisation and what ive been working for. Now i feel like i want to leave but am afraid cos im so specialised in a particular sector now i dont know if i could do another job and i know i cant afford to leave either at the moment. Were hoping to start a family in the next year so that might be the perfect chance to change career.


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I like my job, I like the company I work for and I earn a good wage BUT I don't like going to work!
There are a hundred other things I could fill my days with.

I just keep telling myself it's a means to an end, I can have lovely holidays and a great house and do things on my days off and if I didn't work, I couldn't.

I have thought of leaving and doing something less "intense", I'd love to cycle up to the local supermarket and do a few hours there each day but I wouldn't be able to maintain the lifestyle I currently have.

If I was truly unhappy with my work then I would leave though, I am just unhappy with actually having to work. I aim to retire by 55, earlier if possible though so I'm trying to get the mortgage paid off sooner so we don't have that worry in the future.


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Speaking as an older person I can sympathise with people today who are somewhat "stuck" in their jobs. We used to have a pick of quite a few and they would fight to get us to work for them!
However, my life was very restrictive but I never allowed anything to get in the way of what I wanted to eventually do even tho' I was over 50 by the time I got there. I had lots of events that interferred with my ambition but I got there in the end....:D
i am fed up with my job, although i am grateful to have it. i have been with the company for 6.5 years, im bored of the people, bored of the work, bored of the politics and the pettiness, bored of driving 16 miles to get there, bored of the hours, and fed up with escalting petrol prices...in 10 weeks i am off on my hols for a month and when i return i am looking for some thing else closer to home. time for a change!


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I did my job in the NHS for 30 years, I had to keep working as my OH was always in and out of work and towards the end I hated it, in fact I had to retire through stress.
I too sympathise with the workforce of today, the uncertainty, the low wages and being asked to do more and more for the same money. In these uncertain times I think it's a matter of making your home life as serene , interesting and happy as possible


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judimac said:
In these uncertain times I think it's a matter of making your home life as serene , interesting and happy as possible
Think you have hit the nail on the head here. A happy home life is more important than any job!


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Any job is better than none, I was disabled a few years back and hubby was out of work for a year and it was really rough. Would like to go back to work but not sure there are many jobs I could do that I would enjoy now, so know where you are coming from.


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I spent 10 years working in the Post Office the last two years as Manager and it nearly killed me. The company was changing and rather than being TUPE'd over I left then I spent 9 months unemployed.
I applied for a job as a Support Worker and told my friend "I bet I get this job and I'll hate it but I need a job now"
That first day was amazing, I absolutely loved it and have loved every single day since! I work alone on a one to one and that can get a bit lonely but every day is mine to decide what happens!
My boss tells me I've found my vocation!
Sometimes you need to take a step into the unknown.

Still looking forward to next week off mind!


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I think I'm bored with working and having my life scheduled and unable to spend the time I would like to on things I like doing. It also doesn't help that I have been working such long hours recently that I don't feel like I have much of a home life.

I just wish I could afford to even think about doing something that makes me feel good about what I'm doing.


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Im the same I couldnt afford to retrain or just try for jobs I would like rather than what I could do. I feel trpped a lot of the time with employment. When I volunteered for the RSPCA I was gutted when I had to have a day due to having a job done at home felt like I was missing out,certainly dont feel the same working in an office.