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  1. Sitmus

    Sitmus Member

    Ok, so i'm trying to loose weight so I can join the marines.

    I go on a exercise bike and cycle 2-3miles every day (so about 40 mins or so) or sometimes I will do 1km every hour for 5 hours.

    And say in about 30 mins on a bike, I loose about 26 calories.

    I then having something for lunch, brown bread, very-low fat mayonaise, low fat chicken and lettuce and low fat butter on one side only, so only a few grams of fat. I then, at random times, have a Special K bar, which have around 88 calories.

    Which basically means, the 30 i spent exercising I did hardly no difference and have put on 70 calories.

    So at the end of the day, I'm there thinking I'm doing all this exercising. Bike riding, sometimes running, weight lifts and push ups and all it does is reduce maybe 60 calories a day.

    Anyone else feel this?
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  3. abz

    abz Gold Member

    but you don't though sitmus because your body uses up an awful lot of calories on simply existing. so you say you've gained 70 calories but what about all the energy your body uses up during the day if you don't even move!! it's around 1500 i think. and then all that exercise!! you will be burning far more than you are eating. also with the extra muscle mass you are gaining with the exercise, your metabolism shoudl speed up a fair bit and your body will burn even more. add in the amount of calories your body uses at 'resting' without activity and see what the deficit really is. i highly doubt it's only 60 calories!!
  4. totty

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    are you absolutely sure that the bike is reading it right???...that seems on the low side to me...walking for half an hour burns more calories.....?:confused:
  5. abz

    abz Gold Member

    that's a very good point... when i do half an hour on my bike it's more like 400...

    abz xx
  6. crimson_noir

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    Hi Sitmus, go check out calories per hour web site where you can input your current weight and activity level and it will tell you how many cals you are burning. There is no way that you are only burning 26 for that much exercise.
    As abz was saying exercise is for health as well as weight loss maybe if you look at the exercise as building stamina for the marines rather than as a way to burn calories it will help you stay motivated to exercise?

  7. johnbarton

    johnbarton Member

    Join a gym and hire a trainer. This is great for beginners as well as those who are more experienced. For beginners, it's a great way to learn the basics of weight lifting and exercise. For the experienced, it's a great way to get motivated because there will be someone there who won't let you slack off (that is how you gained the weight in the first place, right?). And who knows, you may even learn a new exercise or two.
  8. Allan G

    Allan G Gold Member

    :D Hi mate, i was in the forces for 9 years, riding a bike is not the best form of exercise if you want to join the Marines, Running and power walking are good for fat loss but you also need to get your legs used to impact, if there is a local sports centre near you, ask if they do circuit training, this will help your all round cardio vascular fitness, you need to build up strong leg muscles for carrying weight, even on a normal tab in the marines you carry around 40Kg. Have a look at ITV4 they are showing the Commando series again. This will give you an idea on what you need to focus on training wise.
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