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Sometimes people say such annoying things.

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One of the girls at work saw me at the photocopier earlier and commented on my weight loss saying I looked skinny, which was nice, if a little bit of an exaggeration. I told her I still was trying to get back to the size I was at my wedding (which was only 5 years ago) She then does this whole rant about how our bodies change and I’ve had a child since and it’s ridiculous to think I will be that skinny again (I wasn’t skinny by any means). And that she would never expect to be 49kgs again (7 stone 10) unless she became anorexic.
Now I don’t know if she’s just a bit [email protected]@ed off with me as she is selling this Herbal diet shake that she gets commission for and most of the girls at work would rather follow WW as they have seen it working for me and she has never had a weight problem herself so she doesn’t have ‘proof’ it works, but I hate it when people think they know better than you what size you should be whether its’ fatter or thinner. It just really irritated me.
Sorry for the rant, I think my TOTM is due and then I get irritated at everybody.
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Ha ha I so know what you mean but hun youre doing so so well and as you say totm might be playing a factor so come on ... deep breathe... she is prob a bitter girl who doesnt share your attitude (tho remember.. she did say you looked skinny bless the lovely lady)xx
S: 14st13lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 2st8lb(17.22%)
I know I should have just taken the compliment and ran. But she is such a "no it all' some days. For example, my daughter has chicken pox so I was off work for a couple of days. When I returned she was avoiding me in case she caught it but I told her I couldn't pass it on to her and I'd already had it so was not going to be contagious at any point in the future. She then proceeded to tell me that she'd had it 7 times. Yeah right, twice happens rarely but 7 times???

I should rise above it but like I said TOTM due so I am not being rational today. Well at least I don't have chocolate cravings..... yet!!!

I re read my post and realize being called skinny should be a compliment and most people would be happy but I'm not skinny, far from it, I'm thinner than I was but by no means skinny so it makes me feel like she was being false and that is what annoyed me
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oh i am with u on that one totm and people annoying u but i also get annoyed by know it alls! u have done a great job on ur wl journey and she is someone who know nothing everyone is different and her being a great seller of her herbal stuff should know that! ignore her and enjoy what u have acheived! x
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She sounds a bit jealous if you ask me.

And I had chickenpox for the first time (Easter 2009) when I was 18 - twas horrible, apparently it's a lot worse when you are older - I highly doubt that she could have had it seven times.

Also, she would have been hanging around a lot of people with chickenpox who she could catch it from!!!

Hope your daughter is OK!
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There's always somebody who'll make an irritating comment. My manager is one of them. When I was at WW I have to confess I was messing about with the plan and gaining/losing the same 3 or 4 lbs for weeks. She made sympathetic noises and said, Aww you're just wasting your money, why don't don't you just accept it and give it up.:mad:
And today, she asked how I went on at SW. Well, I gained a lb, not worried about it as I overindulged in wine and have a late period. I just commented that I was finding it such hard work as the weight came off me easier last time. So she said, well don't take it the wrong way but were you young then? No :mad: I wasn't fat when I was young, I snapped. I was 37 when I lost 3 stone 3 years ago. Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a rant and I've hijacked the OP's thread - I'll go now .... :wave_cry:
S: 14st13lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 2st8lb(17.22%)
Hijack away. It's nice to see that I'm not being a paranoid pre menstral case and that others understand how I feel. When I lost a lot of weight last time my ex sister in law (my husband's brother got wise hence the ex) anyway she told me I was starting to look like a funnel and should stop losing weight??
People are weird.

It's true it's harder to lose weight when you are older but it's not an impossibility. I try to keep the 'negative Nellies' out of my life as they only make it easier to be down on myself but sometimes they creep in when you're not looking.
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I've been having things said to me , but mines been about more how i should now stick to a maintance plan and not lose anymore as im looking too 'ill'.
Im still not a 'healthy weight' medically, but because i blacked out and fainted over the weekend, im now having people telling me to stop trying to lose and just maintain as its my bodies way of telling me im overdoing it. Im a lot slimmer then i was , granted, but still have a long way to go..

Raaaah!! Sorry, had to say it! x
S: 14st13lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 2st8lb(17.22%)
Well I hope this teaches me to be more supportive of other people's efforts in whatever they are trying to achieve because seemingly insignificant comments can really upset a person's day.
I think it says a lot more about them than it does about you hun! Hold your head high, keep faith with yourself, believe in your mission .... oh yeah .... and tell them to stuff their opinions up their :massmoon: !!!!!!!!!! xxxx