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Sometimes this is really hard.....


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It's my time of the month so basically this is me having a giant moan :(

Had a really bad week this month. This whole month has been pretty abysmal to be honest with you, lots of birthdays and occasions etc etc.

I skipped slimming yesterday cos I just couldnt face it. I have weeks where my head is proper in it and weeks whereby I can't cope as well. My period makes me crave sugar madly. I made rocky road as a treat for work, been good, didnt touch it all day and now I've just gone and eaten some. However I then felt compelled to weigh myself (dont even ask why) saw I'd gained a few lbs (obv not just from the rocky road - more from a week + of patchy eating) and made myself sick. Don't worry, I never do this normally - maybe 3 -4 times in my life, but I just felt so disgusted I had to get it out of my system then and there. And again, I'm not heading down a road to an eating disorder - I love food too much. But my heads really f****d. I dont have the willpower to be under the same roof as junk food. I just cant buy it end of. And those rocky roads have been taunting me all day but why? I have to throw perfectly good food away because I can't control myself whilst it's in reach. That's so messed up isnt it? I literally wont think of anything else until I've had some and then i feel crap.

I'm just so petrified my problems going to get the better of me and I wont be able to stop. Maintaning will be hard work and it'll never end. It's the most worth while battle I've prob ever fought, but my god it's hard at times. I love compliments, but with them come a lot of pressure. So many people have me down as this role model for weight loss but I'm so far away from 'sorted'.

Just wanted to vent. Hope your all doing better than me

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Jojo - don't be so hard on yourself... you have done amazingly well and sometimes it is really hard and is really sh*tty :(

But.... look how far you have come? You don't want to go back down that rocky road .... see what I did there ;)

Time of the Month does bizarre things to our heads and our stomachs, for that matter. I bet there have been times on this journey where you have had junk food in and have thought, actually.. no, I don't want/need that. It will come back to you but maybe when your hormones aren't trying to sabotage you.

You are having a bad week, it's not messed up, it's normal!! Find me one person at target who proclaims to be sorted - all the food deamons gone?? Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you are an inspiration, crikey 6 stones... I could only begin to imagine what it must be like to lose that!!

Chin up luvvie... ((hugs))
Oh wow - firstlt what an amazing loss you have had, litterally just, wow!!!!

I totally agree with Cailin, periods don't half mess us up!! I am the same - I totally crave cr*p food, of any sorts mind, sweet & savoury but I just want to eat!!

I am at target having lost just under 4 stones & trust me - I still have to battle with myself that I don't need that chocolate bar, or bag of crisps or what ever. I do buy things in as its a family home & i personally believe for children a "treat" is fine aslong as its not over done.

I can say though that as time goes on the cravings have sub sided - still there yes but not as bad.

I guess at the end of the day - none of us got to this stage by eating just "healthy" foods & so it is a case of re teaching our brains how to eat.

Does having yoru syns on "treats" not help? maybe that makes you want to eat more of them???

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