Sometimes when I am alone........


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Ok ...........sometimes when I am alone I feel like opening the fridge and stuffing my face.

I came home from work this evening. lit up the house, turned on the heat. Put the kettle on. Took out the left over curry for Dh and the kids dinner and saw the remains of the banoffi pie. Shut the fridge door........Saw the pegged shut bag of kettle chips in the press.........
I took them out to the dog compound and emptied them onto the ground.
Yesterday evening I threw a slice of chocolate cake in the bin and squirted washing up liquid on it........for fear I would take it back out of the bin. I am cracking up.
I find it no problem once I collect the kids and DH is home not to eat..........

But for some reason that window between 5 & is a crisis time for me. I want to stuff my face.......I am not hungry I literally just want to binge and I don't no why. I am checking my behaviour and realising that thats what I used to do. Come home from work and eat while I was making the dinner, during dinner and after dinner......

I am going to have to find a behaviour to replace this.......
Maybe come home and brush my teeth..........

And ideas



Betty, the good thing is that you have recognised your danger time and so you can do things to combat it!

I think it's probably just a habit picked up over the course of your lifetime rather that some deep seated psychological issue lol (I used to do the majority of snacking when I was alone, not sure why maybe as I felt I wouldn't be 'judged' if alone?) but whatever the reason you have identified it and that is the first step in changing it!

Well done for throwing away the crisps and choc cake, ( you are stronger than I am) maybe you could alter your routine take a shower when you first get home, read a book or just veg out in front of the tv, anything to keep yourself busy until you have passed the danger zone? after a few weeks that will be your new habit and you will no longer feel compelled to munch?

Whatever you do I know you will get through it because you have identified the issue and already have been strong enough to resist the urge to eat!

I am a bit the same when my husband leaves to work away. After Hannah is in her bed at 7, I am alone and just want to eat.

I'm not entirely sure why..... its not like I can't cope lol.

Sometimes I slip, but you are so disciplined, chucking the food out to the dog etc, thats what I try to do with Hannahs leftovers, give them to the dog straight away! Everyone on these diets should get a dog rofl!

How long are you in the house alone? Do you need to be in the house? Could you take a walk or something?

I am quite boring with my survival instincts! Obviously without a babysitter I can't leave the house to escape from the fridge, so I do jigsaws, or surf minimins! Sometimes I go on to the Lighterlife website and re-read the success stories just to remind myself why..... One day that could be me, actually no! One day that WILL be me!

It is really really hard, and all I can suggest is that you do something to break the habit. Easier said than done tho.

it's funny but I am actually the oposite now that I am dieting I hate it when my partner stays in of a nighttime (he works nights) and I dread his nights off as this would always signal our treat night you know take away and a dvd and lots of icecream lol so now i positively panic when he has a night off as thats when i start to feel hungry! lol
maybe in ur "danger time" u could have a candle lit bubble bath or read a good mag/book?

i've just started to save all my packs for the evening so that i can "pig out" on them all at once or over the course of 2 - 3 hours before bed and it really helps me to not look in the fridge lol. im so busy in the day time its easy not to eat but when evening comes i am always looking for food!

i also read a lot and go to the gym. i keep some new size 12 tops/ dresses i have bought and i spend a lot of time looking at those on the hangers willing myself the determination to get into them!!

u r doing brilliantly and obviously have the willpower to carry on doing just as fab.
NO...I hate those nights too........

and I miss the pizza nights or meals out........but they will come back.

What I am doing is knee jerk. I come home every evening for half an hour to put on a wash, get the dinner started etc before I collect the kids from the creche. Because once I collect them mhy 20 month old won't let me put him in the tiny space on half an hour to an hour before all hell breaks loose I have time to myself and I always feel like opening the fridge and shovelling it in........actually thats not true - not all of it just the carbs !!!

I think I will have to collect the kids and let DH wait for his dinner.

Oh Betty I can sympathise with you, I am ok during the day, the evenings are a nightmare.....I know that it is a habit and not hunger as Iv not felt hungry at all.......This habit is soooo hard to break, I come on here and still I want to delve into the depths of the fridge to see what I can dig out....!
Carbs, they are beelzibubs creation!!!!!- the downfall of many of us!
Maybe do just that pick the kids up and let your hubs wait half an hour for his tea, just until you feel you have broken the habit.

p.s. aaawww bless, the 20mth old, (I love tots when they are around that age - soo cute)! xx
How about getting dinner organised in the evening? Somethings you can pretty much have done the night before, I am starting to cook ahead as much as possible for my work days now that I am having wednesdays off. Then you could nip home and throw in a wash then pop out for a walk, or even throw the washing in at night too. I do everything when my 2 year old is either in bed at night or having an afternoon nap on my days off. If you don't REALLY need to go home, you could stop off somewhere on your way home, a park, a coffee shop, or you could window shop if you live anywhere near shops that is....

If you do have to go home, throw in the washing, make DH wait for his Food, and maybe try getting a yoga video or something, something calming.....

If only we didn't have to ever have food in the house, this must be so much easier for people on their own

oh and keep looking at your boots lol, remind yourself how good it feels that you can zip em up!:D

None of us want to go back do we?

Mags thanks for that.

This evening my eldest Oisín who is 4 said to me...unprompted.....Mom you are definately getting smaller......(he was lying on me) and said I can feel your bones and your tummy is soft and squidgy and small.
Imagine he noticed!!!

Oh and I usually cook for the week on a Sunday and then freeze. The guys were having curry this evening left over from the buffet on Sunday. I just had to cook rice.

Like the idea of a yoga video. Thanks


Thats so sweet he noticed, so young too!

How do you pronounce his name? I've never seen it before.

Its an Irish name.....from a legend...

USH EEN - although my inlaws call him Ocean !!!

My other fella is Rory.


lol at ocean!

It sounds lovely and Rory is a cute name too!

Well I changed my routine this evening. Came home turned on the heat etc and went around straight away and collected the boys early. Dh was at a funeral so was home late for his dinner anyway.

But the routine change helped.