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Sona's Diary- dusting off and starting again


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Thought i would start a diary of my own maybe get to know more people!

Ive been doing WW now for 2 months now... i think.. and ive not had much success as i was not eating all my points!!

I was soon advised by the powers that be in WW land ( sandy) to eat my points and see how it goes!!

Well.. did just that, ave been eating my full points for 2 and a half weeks now and looks like i am down 3lbs!... problem with me that that i have often been down the same 3lbs then they bounce back up again!!

So i started at 13.3 and today saw 13.0 on my scale!! When i see 12.13 i will officially celebrate a loss!!

Im at work at the moment on late shift! finish at 10pm and trying realllly hard not to eat the free cookie they were handing out!! Ive hidden it in my bag for my baby boy at home!

anyway, plz drop by and say hello! ive read quite alot of diaries so i know some of you already (but u dnt know me!! teehehe) I also keep a food diary and would welcome any comments.

Many Thanks

s x
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Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya and welcome to the WW section...

Well done so far you are going great guns,if you have lost 3lbs this week that is a fantastic loss and should be celebrated immediately...:D LOL.

Good luck for the rest of the week and looking forward to hearing all about your journey x :)


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Hi girls!
In the real world i would be jumping for joy at teh 3lb loss but in my world that 3lb loss has happened many a time then came back on for no apparent reason! SO inside im jumping for joy.. on the outside im staying cool incase the 3lbs are lurking round the cornder just wating for me to be happy then jump back on me tackle me to the ground and force thier way... back in!!!


So I am secretly happy but ssshhhhhh dnt say it out loud even cyber walls have ears!!

s xx


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starlight *hugs back* thanks for the great advice!

*hands sandy a star*


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Heyyy!! jaxie!

how you doin lady?
yeh finsally some result but like i said above im not gona count it untill it stays off for a week or so! or gets lower! im due at docs on friday for a WI so if he has a loss on his scale i'l be happy!

Have been eating the same food for a bout 2 weeks now so going to re organise my food for next 2 weeks! hope to lose 1lb a week!

Have set a MAY challenge in another forum to lose 5 lbs in MAY so fingers crossed! Hope im on the right track now!

s xx
hey Sona, well done on your 3lbs and heres to another good week - 5lbs is totally achievable for May :)

have a lovely weekend xxx


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Thanks Rachael!
hope you have a great weekend too!!
im off work for the next 2 days! spending some time with my lil one!!

c u later xx


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Good weekend!

Hey ladies! (and any hidden gents)

Hope you all had a good weekend! mine was alright! Although could have been better if the weather hadnt been so horrid yeasterday! Spend sunday with my lil boy went for a 2 hour walk to town, zipped around the shops and then back! Was really fun! Went for a meal with DH on sunday night! Thought i was doing really well as i saved 13.5 points for it! Still managed to go 1 point over!! But I really enjoyed my chicken stake n sides! yum! the Samosa's that took a wopping 6 points were NOT really worth it!!

Went to see my best friend yesterday in huddersfield! was an awful drive there due to rain but was great seeing her and her lil baby girl! She was great about cooking healthy for us! had a nice tuna pasta! and a cheeky chocci bicci! but managed to make up my points for days gone!

Starting afresh this week! Got to go docs for a weigh in on friday post xenical WI. NO idea what the scales saying as i think i'll just wait till friday now!! im praying that it will still be 3lbs down!

Catch up more later gona get some work done and read your diaries!

in a bit xx


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Oh also thinking of joining a WW class on saturday mornings.. got some questions for ppl already attending.

1) if registration is free do i just pay on a weekly basis
2) do i only pay the week i go
3) how log does it take and what do i do there
4)do i have to go every week?
5) can i take my son (13 months) with me?

Reason i ask is that i work saturdays from 1:30 till 10pm and the morning time is my son's time with me so i dont want to go to the class every week. And i set out for work at 12:30 so need some time to prepare lunches n stiff for work and spend some time with my son in the morning so want to know how long the meeting will take.


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Hey Sona,
sounds like you had a busy weekend. Congrats on saving and sticking to those points. I don't go to class so I cant really help But I'm sure someone will pop in with the answers for you.
Have a good day xx


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Hey ugg!

Thanks hun! its cool i will wait for the gurus to awaken! hehe
see they sleep longer than us common folk as they are gurruing all day they need thier rest!!

Hope you have a great day too!! DONT FORGET UR BROLLY!



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LOL.... We have young kiddies thats why we're up at sparrows fart!
Yeah was going for a long walk with lil one but it's peeing it down now :O(
Play doh it is!


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Weight watchers class's?



Wants it Gone!
I try to go to one every week with my mates. Although Im always petrified of the weighing part, they make me focus on the week ahead and I get some really good tips too.

Do you go to them yourself?


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thanks nannis!

Lumpyroo, iv not been yet just trying to get some info before a join thats all.. see if its worth joining...


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Hi gals hope your all haveing a good day!!

help someone! how do i change the subject on my diary?


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having a BLAH day!

my wrist is hurting
im not hungry
i cant seem to drink my water

whats wrong with me! :-(

on a better note my dad's taking me, mum and sisters to Dubai in august for our birthdays!! (all in august) so we can celebrate my bros 10th wedding anniversary with him! Ive got all my hols booked at work!..

even thats not improving my mood today!!

sorry for being soo boring

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