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Sona's exercise tick box

*15 mins on stepper

* 20 mins on stepper
* 100 crunches
* 100 oblique (sp) crunches

* Nothing no time this morning, on late shift at work

* Nothing today, again late shift at work.
Looks like friday and saturday are gona be my days off!!

06/07 -
*nothing again as i was busy with housework
BUT will make a change next monday to allow some time even if its just 15 mins for stepper.

*25 mins on stepper
*100 crunches
*100 ablique crunches

*25 mins on stepper
*100 crunches
*100 oblique crunches

*nothing again! busy busy busy

*25 mins on stepper
no crunches as baby wanted to sleep early so didnt have time

*35 mins wii fit - hoola hoops, jogging and step

*30 mins wii fit

* nothing late shift and night out!

*nothing due to sheer laziness and stressing over weather! (its snooowwwiiinngg bad style here!)

*30 mins on stepper (my knees feels a bit better now)
*100 crunches
*100 oblique crunches

24/12/09 - 04/01/2010

*30 mins on stepper

*30 mins on stepper
*100 crunches
*100 obliques

07/01/2010 (intend)
*30 mins stepper
*100 crunches
*100 obliques
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thanks jim! i hope it help sme get some exercise done!
I confess that I need to up my exercise levels, particularly on non-uni days. I sit at home, tapping away on the laptop, and that is not good.

Will jog in front of the tv later for at least 30 mins, preferably 45-60. My Atkins mini-goal for today!
oh blast! the last shift days and my days are are a nightmare!

im ashamed to say that I was unable to exercise on the days i work late at work and on my days off ive got baby full time and housework and shopping and washing and cookind etc so i was too busy!

BUT the 3 days i work day shift i intend to do my exercise which i hop ein increase to 25 mins today!!! wish me luck also gona make more time on mondays to do some then! which makes my 4 days for the week!
Havent done the triecept curls yet as ive lost my hand weights! will look for them on my day off and get this in to my routine. Also i need to jsut get the wii fit out and use that aswell!! I cant be scared of the wii fit telling me off for not using for ages!
Well i enjoyed the wii fit last night! i dont know if u actually lose weight with it i think more for toning up some parts of ur bod! i read some good reviews before i bought mine! Had to change the batteries its been soooo long since i used it! Have been getting a bit of a pain in my knees recently i think from using my stepper! Dont want to bother with doc as he is useless! So going to lay off stepper for a bit..

i need to see if i can get a swim in once a week too! swimming is really good and i love it! i just wish i had more time.
I used to swim a lot at one time Sona, but I haven't been for ages and ages.
I dont think i will actually get to go for ages and ages either!!
just are not enough hours in the day! is it just me thats always busy or are there other ppl out there? i get home from work at 18:15 and from then till about 22:00 im busy with baby then sorting our dinners out, making lunches for the next day.. cleaning and washing up!
It's always difficult to find time when you have a little one Sona, now me, I have no excuse really ;)
sona you are really doing good. You've given me the idea to write down an exercise log like I do with food. I have no excuses to exercise, you have a little one and doing great :)
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im glad the diary inspired you!!! im affraid the content of my diary is not very inspiring!! iv got more days not exercising that actually moving my butt!!! It does get difficult with my lil one!

When i do my Wii fit i give him the white bathroom scales so he can pretend he is also following the workout but on my Stepper days he tried to jump on with me or stick his head between my kneew so that i cant move!! He's very naughty! but i think he's just playing!!! I put telitubbies on for him atleast that keeps him distracted for a few mins!

When i do crunches he lies on top of me!! apparently thats funny aswell! He does push ups with his dad whenever he works out at home! can you believe he's not even 2 yet! lol
right! im back! hopfully im gona stick this time!! im soo terrible i know!
you should really kick me out!

Anyway got my 30 mins on the stepper yesterday! my knee has started to hurt again but im sure it will be fine next time (today) if i warm up a bit first!

going to try get some crunches in too!

the pre-festive and festive period have been bad for me 4lbs worht of bad and also for last two week been VERY bloated!! a week and half ago i actually thought i was pregnant as i missed my "thingi" and had ALOT of symptoms so i stopped atkins for a bit to be on the safe side!! Last time i got pregs i was on atkins then too but that was planned!! Anyhooz.. i wasnt preg i was just very late and got very bloated in the mean time!! Im hoping its all water retentions and should be gone in 2 days time!! *fingers crossed*
I just got a stepper given to me. I intend to use it.

I have arthritis in knees hands and hips so weight bearing exercise causes pain but like you I feel it has to be done.

I am L.A.Z.Y. about exercise now and need to address this problem. Yesterday I committed to doing at least 30 mins daily, every day.

My knees are gonna suffer!

I dont think i have arthritis but im worried now.. maybe i have considering my knee hurts! its only my right knee that hurts... hmm

Honey i love my stepper! i used to have a Lateral thigh trainer and i used that to death.. it actually broke!! hehe my hubby bought me a new reebok one. Ive tried doing my wii fit but it doesnt seem to get me worked up or raise my heart rate. So im gona usemy stepper more.

try 3 times a week 30 mins a time.... will try 4 times some weeks when i have more time. ALso gona try do crunches and hand weights when i find then! lolz need to do somic for my arms they are awful!
Good idea there, thanks.

Stepping really works up a sweat, that much I know from experience. I will use it three times a week as you suggest, for starters.

My arms don't look too pretty either these days but they are a lot thinner. Toning them up might help. Was thinking of buying a set of weights.

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