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Sons 1st day at nursery


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Hi all,

Completely off topic sorry but my little boy starts nursery tomorrow (he has just turned 3)and I am soooo nervous, for all the normal reasons of not wanting to leave him but also because he is anaphylactic and asthmatic (generally very allergic) and I am worried sick :cry:

I have never left him with anyone other than my mum and husband so this is very new to me, he is ready to go and learn and will really enjoy it im sure but he has recently had 2 bad reactions and its scary. I realise I can't wrap him in cotton wool forever and don't want to hold him back as he is an outgoing happy little chap.

From a really silly point of view I will miss him alot because he is my world and some days my only company as I work from home, am I daft?.

Please tell me he will be fine :(

Trying to keep positive as the last 3-4 weeks has been a bit bumpy stress wise and I want to stay focused on SS.

Sorry to waffle xx
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Awww I don't have kids but I have seen my aunts and cousins experience this. My youngest niece started nursery today and my cousin had to go in with her partner because she couldn't live her. She was so emotional over it but when she went to pick her up in the evening my cute niece had had a brilliant day and hasn't stopped talking all evening. Strangely enough many parents find it much harder than the children do.

Am sure you've told everyone at the nursery all about his asthma and his allergic reactions and they have your number so they will contact you if they need to confirm things with you.

I know it will be hard but you will get through, we have to keep each other motivated. All the best for tomorrow, your baby boy is growing up x


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As above really, I worried like mad on my daughters first day at nursery and worried like mad on her first day at school but she was fine with both of them. You're a mum, you wouldn't be normal(i think) if you wasn't having these concerns, especially with your little one's medical problems. All good nurserys have trained first aiders present in case of any issues, they have to by law.
I spent the first half hour of my daughters introductory session to nursery watching the clock until i could go back and get her and she had a great time and didn't even realise i had left!
There will be so much to see and do and new experiences that he will love it, and no matter how good a parent is, you can't do everything he will experience at nursery at home...unless you running a childminding business with lots of other kids/have 10 other children.
You will worry but i do think thats natural. Please let us know how he gets on tomorrow x


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Hi there,

Thank you for replying :)

Well we have just got home from my sons first 3 hour session and I stayed the whole time :eek:. To be honest I spent a good 1-1.5hrs filling in medical forms, concent forms and talking to the teachers about his different allergies, what to look for and when to call me/999 etc. I did leave for 15 mins to the family room but came back for milk/snack time so I could see how he (and the teachers) handled it.

He was a little overwhelmed by all the children and story/song time when we first arrived, he isn't used to it but they reassured me that it takes a good few weeks for them to settle down. He did ask them 'where has my mummy gone' when I went to the toilet and family room so he obviously noticed but he didn't cry or anything so knew I was coming back :D

He had alot of fun and joined in with everything which was great but he was amazingly very tired when we left.

We did cause quite a stir at milk time though as all the other kids wanted strawberry milk like my sons (soya milk) :8855: I felt a bit guilty but surprised they even noticed - 3 years olds are not daft, they spotted the strawberry on the carton :D:D:D

Anyway, back on Friday so hoping it will be a bit easier, I am going to take some work in and then leave for an hour at a time just popping in quickly from the family room. I know alot of people will think I am being silly and overprotective but surely thats my job? I have to make sure he is happy and safe - no one else will!!!!

Thanks girls xxx


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Thanks for the update, i have been wondering all day how you would get on. Now that dreaded first day is over and done with, things can only get easier i'd hope. Best wishes and keep us posted xx


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ps, can i have strawberry milk pleeeeeze??