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  1. lil_legs

    lil_legs Gold Member

    I did cambridge back in 2011 and lost 15lb in 3 weeks, switched to healthy eating and kept it off...

    Now however I hust cannot get my head back into dieting so I am meeting my consultant tomorrow and starting on wednesday. I will be heavier than a started before and disgusted with myself, I need to take food out the equation for a while.

    I have a planned night out on sat so I will be having a "normal" day, but i cant wait another week to start so will start weds and get back on it sunday.

    Looking to do this for about 3 weeks to get a bulk off then bring healthy food back in and the gym... need to refocus and retrain my brain!
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  3. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    Be careful when you go out, I'd eat first or you'll get sick, Well done for getting back on it and good luck :) xx
  4. lil_legs

    lil_legs Gold Member

    Thank you! I will deffo not have any products that day, and get back on it the next day!
  5. crazy V

    crazy V Member

    Hey was wondering how long did it take for you to put the weight back on and was it because you just went back to eating normal . I have just started the plan nearly 3 weeks ago starting weight was 11st4lb i have currently lost 12lbs.Don't know about you but its the story of my life one minute im slim next I've done it again and have eat my way back up again only last year i was 8st 11lbs and was going to the gym 6 days a week now look at me why do we do it to ourselves .I now look at myself and think am i ever gonna look like that again .Do you exercise on ss and also does itput weight on you if you do cos i really need to tone up .
  6. lil_legs

    lil_legs Gold Member

    I kept it off for 2 years just eating normally then turned into a greedy bugger!!! You've done so well that's amazing!!
  7. lil_legs

    lil_legs Gold Member

    I think im gonna do 30 day shred that's all wont gym when on ss!! Starting tomorrow eeeekk
  8. crazy V

    crazy V Member

    Good luck you can do it . I work in a bakery shop with lots of goodies and if i can do it anyone can let me know how you get on.I was wondering if you know why i am nearly at the end of week three and i feel really sick before i have my shake at 6pm and about 9pm my tummy rumbles all the time i never had this the first 2 weeks now i feel like i wanna pass out towards the afternoon any advice would be appreciated .
  9. lil_legs

    lil_legs Gold Member

    Ooh sorry to hear that! Are you busier in the afternoon? Enough water? Heat? Can't think why that would happen x
  10. crazy V

    crazy V Member

    5 days a week i am up at 5.30am and at work for 6 then i am there till 5 pm on my feet most the day alot of cleaning in the afternoon .I am always cold and drink loads of water its very strange .
  11. lil_legs

    lil_legs Gold Member

    Maybe because you actually slow down your brain has time to realise its hungry?!
  12. bettiesrevenge

    bettiesrevenge Gold Member

    It could be the vitamins in the packs. Drink a full glass of water before your evening packs?!

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