soo ill


5 stone to go!
just thought id tell you how unproductive my day was..didnt make it to college or work as ive been getting sick and hitting a rate of about twice an hour at this uncool
apparently its a bug thats going round. anyways my dad came over and practically force fed me food and for once i really didnt want to eat and struggled so much with it. i got so down about it but have realised now that if it helps get me better sooner then its prob best.

just annoyed that i had to get sick cos i usually never get sick, and i hate being stuck in bed :(
fingers crossed please everbody that i can be back to normal by tomorrow so i can get back to a state of normality and get back on the shakes....:wave_cry:

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xx Cathy xx

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Hi Bells sorry to hear you're poorly. Your Dad's right about eating when you're sick, you're on so little calories you'll need something to keep your strength up or it could make you worse. I'd say keep off LT until you're better then get back on the wagon.

Feel better soon xx


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Ohhh dear! Sorry to hear your poorly bells! *hugs* I can imagine how disappointed you were in having to eat, but like you said - the sooner you get better, the sooner you can get back on the shakes :) got my fingers crossed you're feeling better very soon! Let us all know once you're feeling better :hug99:

P.S it sucks being in bed all the time, but when you're ill its for the best so you're doing the right thing :)


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Just seeing this now, sorry your not well :wave_cry:

Look after yourself 1st then start back again hun ;)
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Hi Bells
Really hope you're feeling better today. Get yourself back to normal before you start worrying too much about the diet.



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My daughters got a tummy bug since yest so im waiting for my dose of it!! Hope u feel better soon, and as ppl have said, you need to try and eat a little to keep strength up then carry on with lt, hope u feel better soon hun xxxx


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Awww hun, hope you feel better soon. Its rubbish being ill at the best of times, but when you were on such a high - what bad luck :(
Feel better soon and don't fret too much about the diet, it will still be here when you are feeling up to it. Big squddles xxxxxx


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Ah poor thing, I hope you fell better soon.

Don't worry about the diet, you are doing so well you well get straight back on it when you are fully recovered. Your health is far more important.

Good luck.


5 stone to go!
morning guys, thanks so much for all the comments. feeling a bit better today, im able to get more water down which is defo a good thing. talked things through with the pharmacy on the phone and decided im going to eat a bit today , going to try and stay away from carbs though, to get up my energy and they said i can start back tomorrow if alls well..:) happy days happy days....
screwed for sat weigh in however lol but i dont mind. the weights still going to drop...
thanks again guys x


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Aww glad you're feeling a bit better today.


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Glad you are feeling better today. I had that bug too and hated having to eat but it is for the best to help you get better and I still lost weight. Take it easy and only go back to LT when you feel stronger x x x


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Good to hear you are feeling better.:) I had the same thing last week, plain awful. I wasn't on LT yet though.


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Poor chicken you still not better? It is awful but you did the right thing eating, i had to do it at weekend. It's either eat and get well quicker or starve and it take weeks to feel good again.
You will still lose even if you eat, as long as steer clear of carbs. I didn't i have to say, i had a sandwich and crisps,lol but i still lost weight, it just brought me out of ketosis.
Please look after yourself lady, we need you bells!! xxx


5 stone to go!
thanks stinky, im feeling better than i did this morning which is good. on the mend :) wooo
pharmacist said if i wanted i can go down and pick up the packs for next week and just keep going until next saturday to get me back in the swing of things and then weigh in... dont really know what to do really. x


Size 14 here i come!
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Yes i agree, still get weighed!