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Sooo Excited !! Start SS Thursday, how do you manage family meals ?

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I am sooooo excited !! I am starting SS on Thursday :D:D:D:D
Finally, I feel soooo positive that I can lose this weight !!

On another note, how do you manage cooking for the family, whilst on ss, is it sheer determination or do you have any tips :D

Thanks guys,
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There is a thread on here about obsessive cooking. Alot find they need to feed other people so are cooking like maniacs... I'm one of them. I've made three different meals today. One for little bro one for df & one for ds1!!

Some find they simply cannot be near food. So they steer well clear of the kitchen. you'll find out in the next few days which category you fit into.

Good luck, it really is a fab diet! x


please try again
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i make 4 dishes of a weekend and freeze in portion size pots. but then im only cooking for my wee girl so that lasts her a month
welcome to the diet, and good luck

since i started it, i've done loads of cooking and baking

family are made up


Must do it this time
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Just wanted to say welcome to minis hun,
you`ll do great,post often and drink loads......of water that is.i find im ok around the food its not really a problem for me when im 100% focused,
elaine x


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Welcome to CD you really will lose weight i promise this is the only diet thats ever worked for me past like a month...and reading everyones threads keeps you really motivated.
With regards to cooking i do think it is just willpower I had to cook today at work and really struggled it is getting easier, although my poor child is living off micro meals.
It will be tough so good luck the results you have will keep you motivated x
Hope it goes well on Thursday. I love cooking and am obsessed with food programmes. I cook for my Hubby at about 3pm as he's on nights for a couple of weeks, and at 5.30pm for youngest son after school. I do find I cook things that won't have left overs, and if everything isn't gone, it goes in the bin straigt away unless I can make it into soup, which i freeze.
Good luck


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Welcome to CD :D

There are also the sniffaholics who love to smell food, just smell, mind, no tasting!

I think it's tough, I didn't even go to the supermarket for about the first month, but everyone is different.



Trying to stay healthy!
hi wannad3, like the others have said everyone is different, in the few week i started off by avoiding cooking then turned into a sniffer for a week or so but now i'm cooking all the time and loving coming up with new ideas for the family, they love it!!
good luck with starting cd!
im on ss+ so its nice that i can sit down with my o/h and have a meal...even if mine is only a bit of chicken and veg lol,but ive found ive been enjoying cooking for others but the worse part is the lovely smells..that drives me insane,so try a peg on your nose lol


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi I have completely lost interest in wanting to eat food,but also love to cook for everyone else,(I didnt used to)I hate going to the supermarket so I order on line started doing that because it was torture to go at the beginning of the diet now i just cant be bothered.At first it was tough when every one was eating but after a week or so I wasnt bothered good luck.
Good luck for tommrow, i am going to restart tommrow after having time off for being poorly.
Make sure you last meal is summit real good so then u can't miss it to much.

If you want to buddy up i am here :)

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