Sooo Hungry!


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Hi Guys, I am now coming to the end of my 7th week and this morning is the first time I have woke up hungry! :confused: So I drank a litre of water and had a milk shake which I mixed into a mousse. Still hungry!:eek: Not only that I feel weak and listless, no energy and I am due to start work at 1.00. So its now 10.30 and I am having half of a soup in the hope that I will feel better.

In all the time I have been on the diet I have never felt this way. Anybody know why or have suffered this themselves?
It can happen m8 and not unheard of.

Just to check the obvious have you had anything in terms of medication, fibogel, sennacot or any food at all in the past few days?

Absolutely nothing. I have stuck to the diet ridgedly and not a single morsel of food has passed my lips. Only medication I have had is the asthma inhaler I have and I use that every day. I'm sitting here waiting for the hunger to go after consuming the soup but I still feel weird. Think I will go out in the garden to take my mind off it!
Sorry to hear that Anji. i am on LL week 8 and although I have had nicey want things hunger I haven't actually been hungry. Do you think you might be coming down with something so your tummy is growling but it could be a bug ? Huge sympathy, hope it goes
I had a cold bug recently and that made me feel hungry, but to be honest I think its just in my head. Although I thought I felt physical hunger I think it just harked back to when I was little and my Mum would look after me.

You know duvet on the sofa, fav TV prog, magazine, hot choc, ice cream for a sore throat, a nice treat to make me feel better! I have a lovely Mum!!!

Also my hubby works away and for the first few days I am on my own I feel hungry in the evenings. I can't go out too much as I have a little one in bed at 7pm and its just that loneliness that brings it on. It genuinely feels like physical hunger but it passes in a day or two once I get used to being on my own again.

Hope it passes quickly for you, in the meantime try not to give in!

I hope its not a bug, it doesn't feel like it. I'm going to have my other half of the soup in a minutes and then go to work. I'm going to be exposed to food all afternoon, but I will be strong and not touch anything. Thanks for good wishes.
Oh yes I know the hunger that comes from wanting to be treated nicely and as a special girl coz I am poorly ! Also the hunger that comes from being bored or fed up if I am on my own. Not easy !

I think LL is being really good at making me think what the hunger is about before I just eat something. I haven't broken abstinence yet even though I have been tempted. I even dream that I have eaten food and wake up thinking - OMG I will be out of ketosis ! :)

Last week at LL we did the thought records, have you done that ? It was really helpful. (in the foundation book if you haven't ) Hunger is a feeling not a thought. So if you think you're hungry then you can't be :D That has really helped this week.

We can do this !!!!!
I think though records are next week for me!

I wasn't able to attend last week and missed crooked thinking, I have read through it a few times but may need to ask for a quick go over of it on wednesday.

Hi Mags

I am at the end of week three and I have to say I feel hungry quite often. I do find though if I have a complete food pack - I feel pretty full afterwards. I have only felt realy giddy a couple of times and I think I probably overdid it on the activity front. I guess we are putting our bodies through an awful lot and we are sensitive creatures that don't respond well to change. I would say if you are still hungry have peppermint tea - I find they really stop your tummy churning. If that doesn't help i'd have another foodpack.
I'm back from work now and feeling much better. I've had three food packs and will have my fourth before I go to bed tonight. Whoa! I hope I never have that again, it was horrible! Many thanks for all your support.