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Sooo, i think ive developed an eating disorder?

I've not had a happy medium with food since Doris Stokes died;)

Seriously though, do you mean you feel as though it is either too restricted and regimented, or completely off-plan and binge time?

I think we have all reached that stage at some point, or questioned why the hell are we doing this? - but it will pass. you will find ways of adapting the plant your needs.

I really got my head around it when I listed items I particularly liked form the SW book.

Incorporate your favourites into everyday use helps. My favourite stuff was seafood. Now unoriginal days, I can add crab,cockles, mussels, prawns,scallops etc. and serve with as much crunchy salad as i like. What's not to like about that?

If I'm honest, most of the stuff I discarded was worthless and certainly of little nutritional value anyway. (Chunks of white bread, lashings of Lurpak, massive chinks of full fat cheese etc.)

Sure sometimes I miss them, but I'm also missing over 90lb of fat too. - a fair swap.

Stay with it, and make a list of your favourites from the SW book.

Its hard to tell from your post why you think you may have problem, but its a great thing that you have said it 'out loud' and thats the best way that you can get support. I think we are all here because we have obsessions with food and use food to fill in some gaps. When we start to take that in hand and lose weight the same obsessive mindset can then become about losing and consuming and should be something we should be aware off, from once feeling out of control we can became fearful of that happening again and then we could become far too controlled.

Not sure these random thoughts helped, just something I have been thinking about recently, I will shut up now!


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I think sometimes there is a very fine line between dieting and eating disorders. I see so many posts from people complaining when their friends or family tell them they are obsessional about what they eat, but I guess to the outside world, being strictly 100% on plan can actually seem a bit obsessional.

As said above, youve not really said much about why you feel this way, but I do notice that your weight is very low. Only you yourself can know really how youre feeling and if this is not normal behaviour for you. If you do feel this way I would seriously consider seeking help, either from your gp or there are groups and charities which help with eating disorders who you may prefer to talk to (if you google it you should find them). I hope you do find the help you need for this.
*hugs* I recommend having a look at the BEAT website - they're a fab charity that help people beat eating disorders. There's a wealth of information and support on their site:

beat :: Home

Be strong - the most important first step to getting well is to recognise you have a problem. Now you can get some help to tackle it :)
Thank you for all your lovely replies.

Sorry about such a vague post last night, i guess i just needed to say something, and thats all i could say.

Basically slimming world was perfect for me, all the way to target, i reached 8st 7 and was perfectly happy. I then started calorie couting along with slimming world in order to maintain and this is where my problem started.

By "maintaining" ive lost a further 12lbs, on a good day i will eat 1200 calories, on a bad day its more like 600. I can tell you EXACTLY how many calories i have each day, including the 5 calories in a chewing gum so i dont eat anything or the 1.5 calories in my pepsi max to suppress my appetite. I weigh absolutely everything so i know the calories, including the lettuce in my salad.

I also exercise quite hard on so few calories, if i dont exercise i feel bad and will double it on my next workout.
Im always tired and several times a day will get that dizzy and blacking out feeling?

I weigh myself religiously, several times a day, before eating, after eating, whenever i get the chance, i know how much each outfit i wear weighs, how much i will normally lose overnight etc.

Thats 99% of my food life, the other 1% is where i give myself a "treat" day, which normally turns into a 3000+ calorie binge, and if that doesnt make me sick by itself its then followed by purging and sometimes laxatives.

Ive really got myself in a mess. :sigh:



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OK I didn't want to read and run. So am sending you a big hug :bighug: and to echo the very good advice given here.

Best wishes and you can beat this
I don't know what to say but didn't want to read nd run either.

Can't you stop counting calories? I mean, everytime you go to count some say "no" and go back to SW. Add your extra B choice to maintain and remember that SW does WORK to maintain. I've managed 6 months so far and no jumps or drops out.

Otherwise, maybe, you should see a doctor? A nice one.


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I really feel for you, hun. It's a hard obsession to beat. A friend of mine had a real bad run with an eating disorder a few years back. She used to deliberately burn her toast, so she could scrape the burnt bits away, making the bread paper thin. She drank 8 two litre bottles of water a day, and eventually started passing blood, pure blood. She'd shut her kidneys down. I'd like to say this gave her the scare she needed to stop, but it doesn't work like that. It took a long time, and a lot of hard work, for her to actually eat normally and stop killing herself. And make no mistake, you ARE killing yourself, albeit slowly. You should promise yourself 30 mins of exercise each day. You don't really need much more than that at your weight. Don't calorie count. It's too regimented. Stick to the SW plan - it's a good one, and you know this, since you reached target on it. Give yourself a healthy extra above your plan each day. If you're still losing, add another. You'll find a balance.
As for the binges... you know it's not good for you. You can have a little binge, if you like. Order yourself your favorite take out meal, or have a choccie bar watching TV.
But please, please don't purge yourself. This destroys your body. It even eats away at the enamel of your teeth. It's seriously bad news. And laxatives are just as bad. You'll end up giving yourself irritable bowel syndrome. And trust me, that's not a nice syndrome.

If you need someone to talk to, or someone to rant to... we're all here!

p.s. DON'T say you'll start this tomorrow. Start it right now. Tomorrow never gets here.


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I dont really know what to say other than suggesting you contacr your doctor. Do any of your friends and family know how youre feeling or what youre doing? Could you talk to someone close to you. I think it might be a good idea to avoid anything diet related, so if you go to class Id stop for a little while, dont come on here and more importantly stop usong my fitness pal. It will take time to deal with this but Im sure you can cope with the right support.


Determination is Key
I dont really know what to say other than suggesting you contacr your doctor. Do any of your friends and family know how youre feeling or what youre doing? Could you talk to someone close to you. I think it might be a good idea to avoid anything diet related, so if you go to class Id stop for a little while, dont come on here and more importantly stop usong my fitness pal. It will take time to deal with this but Im sure you can cope with the right support.
I'd be very afraid without the right support, she'll just spiral out of control altogether. And going cold turkey never works, as we all know.
She took the first step, by admitting her fears on here, and by doing so, confronted the fact that she doesn't want to live this way. And I think we could all offer some support at this time. If she cuts herself off from her Consultant, who is the next best thing to a dietician, or from us, who are the next best thing to a support group... she could just lose the tenuous control she has.
Hi Hun,

Please please please talk to someone close who you trust- parent, partner, best friend. Ring your gp, make an appointment tomorrow and talk to them. They will refer you to the right experts who can help you.

I think you are incredibly brave firstly admitting to yourself that you have w problem and to come here to ask for advice.

I really hope you can find the help you need. Please come back and let us know how you are x x x
I echo what has already been said.. you are brave to have said it out loud. :)

I wish you could trust the plan that got you to target to keep you there.
I wish you all the best in getting yourself to a good place. xxx
See your GP he will probably refer you for cognitive behaviour therapy, because you have become excessive.

Has anything else changed in your life? Job? Relationship? Bereavement? Moving home? Stress is a factor, if you can control nothing else you can make your body submit!
Please ask for help, and use those words with the DR 'I need help' xxxx
First of all, congratulations on your fabulous loss and getting to target:cool:

Also well done on reaching target, and continuing to maintain - and indeed lose.

Was thisalldone via SW? - a leading question, admittedly, but the reason I ask is why begin calorie counting now after SW worked so well?

Secondly, if using calories to maintain, then you'll probable need more than 1200 and should never dro to 600 per day.

Finally, the boring bit - as others have advised, best to get some proper medical opinion and advice on this. While nobody wants o go back to where they have come from, it is just as bad to do the opposite.

Good luck, but hey, well done on almost halving your weight. Hope you find your happy place and indeed your happy medium.



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I echo what everyone else has said. See a doctor you get on well with.

It is positive that you have enough insight to recognise what you are doing and to see it as an issue. Thats a huge hurdle to overcome and you are already there.

I'm surprised that more dieters don't get eating disorders. We are taught to be controlled and focused. That can be a difficult thing to balance as you can't forget about it when you hit target.

Good luck with getting it sorted x

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You have taken the first good and positive step by telling us on here just where you are in your relationship with food, and also by being able to recognise that you do indeed have a pretty serious problem unlike some who are in denial that they have a problem whichever end of the spectrum it is.

Please take the advice you have been given. See your doctor and ask for a referral to the appropriate person.

You obviously have great strength of character and lots of determination. You stuck with SW and have done so commendably well. A fantastic result in fact.

I understand your fear of gaining weight again. Losing almost seems the easy part and maintaining it the difficult bit.

You are a star, firstly to have lost your weight, a great achievement and secondly you want to have a healthy relationship with food.

You will make it hugs:bighug:
Nothing further to add to the wonderful advice you've already been given.
Please get the help you need before you do too much damage to your body.

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