Sooo nearly gave up today...

I've had a really tough couple of days (I'm on day 21, so I don't think this is normal?!) Felt really low and fed up with diet and just generally felt 'not right'. I'd virtually decided that I was going to buy some chicken and have a chicken salad for dinner instead of my shake :mad: Just as I was leaving the office, a lady that I haven't spoken to for a while said 'hey, you look absolutely fantastic by the way!' Well that was a very powerful comment, as that made me realise what I have achieved (I've lost 19lbs) and not to throw it all in for a couple of low days!

I actually think I may be dehydrated which maybe could explain why I've not been feeling right?! I know it sounds ridiculous when drinking 4lts of water a day but today at work I drank 8 pints in 6 hours and only went for a wee twice and it was quite dark (sorry -probably too much info!) Where is all that water going?!!:eek:
Don't give up!!
You have done so well. I have been on your website and you look so much slimmer than your first pictures. I am starting tomorrow and you are inspiring me.
Keep up the good work. Imagine when you can confidently go into a clothes store and buy size 12/14 clothes. Be strong!!
Hi Janine,hun sorry u r having such a hard time.Well done to u for losing 19 lbs in 3 weeks thats such a good weight loss.

Janine could u be approaching Totm that could be the reason why the last few days have been hard for u and also the reason why u might be retaining water.

We all go through stages like this especaially when we r on a vlcd diet, if we were eating normally and we r feeling low most of us would treat ourselves to some food or drink that we think makes us feel better(comfort eating) but realistically its not making us feel good as once we have eaten it we feel guilty,but when we r on a vlcd we have to find other ways to make ourselves feel better when feeling low that are non food/drink related.

Well done 2 u for not giving in u should be so proud of yourself.
Janine when u r having a hard time just come online and chat 2 us there is always someone around to chat 2,u r not alone we r all here for u to help and support u through the good times and the times when u need a little extra support xx

Please don't give up, 19lbs in 3wks is BRILLIANT :)

I was going to ask the same question as roch - could this be TOTM for you?? I often felt a bit low at these times and definitely retained water.

What a lovely thing to happen - being complimented is indeed a powerful motivator - if only we could bottle that feeling and bring it out when we need a bit of a lift
Hi Janine! I am day 28 now and I have had a few days when I have felt the same as you. I think its quite normal to feel this way but I hope you will find that the days when you feel fantastic outnumber the low days. I have been recording my weight loss on a graph which I keep referring to, its so good to see weightloss recorded this way. I have lost 19lbs so far and on Saturday, I went to my local underwear shop and asked to be measure for a bra. She told me my current bra was too big and I needed to downsize! That felt good, so I bought a couple of 'cheapies' and also some smaller knickers which fit quite nicely. It gave me a boost. Try it, you don't have to buy anything but its nice to try on smaller clothes. Keep at it and put some strategies in place in case of any further 'low' days. Good luck!
Thanks so much for all your kind words of encouragement everyone. I went and had a massage and then went home for a soup sachet! I frightened myself a bit cos I really thought I was going to quit (or at least cheat) but I didn't and today i feel soooo much better! It's not TOTM strangely enough and i can't really explain those low days but at least they're past now!:) Delighted to say scales moved this morning also - so that's now 20lb in 22 days - yeah!

I just typed a really long repsonse to you and then it crashed :confused:

So I will type a short response instead saying that I got very low between the end of week 2 and week 5 and then it passed. Something to do with a seretonin imbalance in your brain (it may be spelt wrong but it is your "happy hormone") and after researching on the internet it seems that a VLCD can impact on the amount of the chemical your body releases which impacts directly on your mood.

Well done on not cheating and not giving up :)

Nooooooooooo dont give up. You will get over the slump, it might be hormones or something, you will be fine! Chin up babe (and if its chins, it will soon only be one!!!)
Hi Im feeling exactly the same as you moody down and fed-up and im on day 27 as flopster said its more than likely to be our happy hormone thats joining our chatterbox,and like Flopster we maybe lucky enough to fight them off to week 5-6???? I too want chicken salad every day but will it stop at chicken salad??
Come on hun we can do this xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oh no not chicken!!!!

I can smell it a mile off if someone is eating a chicken sarnie at work!!! my sense of smell for identifying foods seems to have increased tenfold!!!!!!!