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Sooo worried


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My hubby was away last week, i thought that would make my dieting easier but no i was absolutely awful, so i thought ok i can be really good this week and go to weigh in on thursday (couldn't go last week as had the child) and be happy with a sts, however, i'm finding it really difficult to stick to plan as hubby now back and we're eating at a greek restaurant or having a toasted ham and cheese sandwich as he came home really late and i waited for him to eat. It doesn't help that week of bh monday i'm off on hols, few days in devon, 2 wks athens. Do i just try to be good and go to wi on thursday expecting to have gained weight (i know my own fault but still boo hoo) or just say sod it and go after i come back????
p.s i'm now sat here on my second glass of wine argh so annoyed with myself but soo tired and can't seem to say no.:sigh:
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even though i know i'll have gained am feeling ashamed already, having it said in front of everybody:hide:. I want to go... i'm finishing the wine tonight so i have none left for the rest of the week. (lol not sure if that's good or bad:D) have planned everything for devon as much as i can. Athens is a bit more difficult. thankyou for your answer, i earned my blushes so now i'll have to get them.
Hi dont beat yourself up about this as were all guilty of the same thing just wish that they would speak more about this at group and give you a few pointers on how to deal with it. I was in the exact same boat a couple of week ago started picking on sweets, bread you name it and I ate it but surprised myself by draging my self back to class for the, next weigh in, and guess what I had gained 4.5lb in one week that just sickened me and made me realise that its just not worth it as you realy are only cheating yourself and you feel guilty and ask yourself why you did have it as soon as you've eaten it. Remember tomorrow is a new day start again good luck and all my best wishes to you. were all behind you xx


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thanks shell y


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thanks sinbad120
I would go along too, sounds like just what you need at the moment, to face the music with a reality check and a boost of image therapy :)

It might also help you to focus on your holiday and how much gain you will be happy to accept. If you start to think 'sod it' now then you're going to spend 4 weeks gaining rather that 2 weeks on plan and 2 weeks focused on damage limitation :)
The things you have planned are part of everyday living, things are never going to be any different. You'll always have some event or other to attend. The best way is try & do your best. Prepare/Eat as much SW friendly way as you possible can. For example you say you've got Devon covered, but have you? Have you thought about what you will eat, how will you deal with temptation, are you going to allow youself flexi syns, are you going to stay within your syns, what will you do if you gain weight. Athens will be difficult this needs more planning, take some Alpen light bars with you for hexb, if you always have low fat yoghurts for snack try & think what else you can eat instead, make a mental note of what 28grms of cheese looks like, what does 48grms of feta look like.

I don't want this to sound negative you do have lots of nice things ahead, just make the most of it & try to plan as much as poss:D
In devon the worst thing is going to be the alcohol although i want to try and stick to 1 glass a night. We're not planning on eating out as we can't afford it as we'll be doing a lot of that in Greece.
In greece i've planned to get a load of fresh fruit in so i can have that in the mornings, there's a fresh local market every friday as well as the supermarkets. I can obviously plan well for the eating in, it's the eating out i'll have problems. Temptation i'm not so sure about, i've never been good at ignoring temptation, if i was i wouldn't be this big. :)

Thanks for all your advice evryone, i will go on Thursday and take my dues.
Good on you Cep, good luck for Thursday :)

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