Sooooooooo hungry today


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Had 3 litres of water and a soup and just got real tummy rumbles and hunger pangs :(

I know it is probably due to my 'mistake' earlier in the week, but all the same is so hard:cry:

Philip has just had his lunch and so I had my soup. Although I wanted to hold out for another hour listening to him munching didn't help lol. Blooming inconsiderate man, how dare he eat!!!!!
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I know how your feeling:(, but think of something else or go and do something,itll pass xx


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I'm on day 18 and still getting hungry. And more miserable by the day. :sigh:


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Yes, there will be hungry days, unfortunately. Mine was on Saturday - thats why I was on minimins so much, posting even dafter stuff than usual! Hang on in there, its usually followed by a much easier day x


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keep going hun :) ... ~hugs~ xx


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On days like this keep yourself busy, go for a walk, take a bath, read a magazine or paint your nails.....
If your in ketosis you shouldnt feel hungry its probably more thinking about food rather than hunger.
Hang in there your doing fab and it will pass..
Also you can split your soups/shakes or bars... Use 1/2 a sachet at a time so it seems like you are having more.
Drink plenty of water too.
Good luck its so worth it x


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All some good advice above....

Sometimes it is the mental challenge thats the hardest... food is everywhere..

Last time i did the diet ( restarted last week) i had a good saying when i got hunger ideas or pains..

Im a PLIM not a PLOM
(PLIM - Power lies in me)
(PLOM - Poor little ole me)...

It was funny and all in my head but i hated the idea of being a PLOM and 9/10 was able to motivate myself onwards past the bad spot and soon was feeling better again.... it may or may not work, but you could give it a go....



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I know exactly how you feel - in fact I failed cos I just ate two Ginger biscuits!! You're doing better than me. Ah well, tomorrows another day xxxx