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Hello daily threaders (and everyone else that pops in for a quick glance!)

I hope that today will be a 'Soothing Sunday' - particularly for anyone that has been feeling unwell and is hoping for a speedy recovery. Warmest wishes and healing hugs are sent your way x

I am still up and about as I need to have a couple more food packs, oh ... and I am watching QVC. In other words, up to my usual good-for-nothing habits, lol!

Planning a relaxing day after the hustle and bustle of yesterday's family shopping spree. Chilling out over the Sunday newspapers with a mug of black coffee and a yummy CD porridge will definitely be on the menu.

Wishing a good day to us all; health and happiness x:flowers:
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Recovering Foodaholic
Morning BB!!

Hope you enjoy your day of relaxing!!! I'm pretty chuffed because today I'm seeing the 11s :D which means....my BMI is below 30 and I am overweight!! woohoooo! However I dod have to wait for official WI which is not until next Monday, but I'll be well and truely there by then :bliss:

Got a quiet day planned- OH at work, I have a bit of prep to do for work tomorrow and some washing. I'm gonna see if I can buy WiiFit plus today and get my increasingly smaller bottom shimmying away and hula-hooping :D

Hope everyone has a terrific day xx
Good morning all,
Not had chance to lurk on the dailys for a while so nice to catch up as i actually have a bit of free time! Have moved up to 810now, and thinking about moving up again to 1000 so tend to lurk on maintenance a bit more these days. It just seems to have gone so fast since i firat started cd..... funny really how at the beginning it felt like it would last forever.
Its very wet and miserable here in Shropshire today..:(
Off to a my cousins baby's Christening today, at which we are Godparents, so I'm really excited! Wearing a dress, which is a first in years, and will see loads of people i haven't seen in ages, so it will be nice. It makes me laugh to see peoples reaction to my weight loss, and is really quite a nice feeling...:D
Congrats on seeing the 11's BP! Love those milestones, makes you feel on top of the world.
Hope everyone has a lovely day xx


Slimming down the aisle
Good afternoon, just!

BB, hope you're enjoying your nice chilled day.

Clare, congratulations on no longer being obese!! I bet you feel great for it. If you get WiiFit Plus let me know how it is, I'm considering it but don't know anyone with it at the moment.

Butterfly, I'm from Shropshire too! Well, I'm not from there and I don't even live there anymore! ha I lived there for a few years though, and my parents still live there. I'm not too far away in Birmingham so pop back regularly :) I'm sure you'll look amazing in the dress, enjoy your day!

As for me, my day is going to be pretty rubbish. I've got the most disgusting and horrible assignment in the world to do. And I'm only just starting it, it's proving to be difficult! So today I'm going to sit down and try and get a plan done and the intro and stuff. Then tomorrow I'll head to the gym in the morning and then straight to uni afterwards (after a shower of course!) and spend the day there in the library using books. Can't take them home as they've all been checked out! So reference books it is then!


Slimming down the aisle
Oooh let us know how it is!
Good afternoon dear daily threaders

What a positive day so far. Good news BubblyPenguin about your ever decreasing weight; sounds as if the Wii fit + is a good motivator.
Love the story of wearing a dress for the first time in a while Butterfly - thats what this diet does. Yesterday I wore a red jacket that has languished in the wardrobe for a few years - I have had some slimmer phases recently but they must have occured in the summer?!
Essay writing Caroline, how I disliked that. I did use to turn to food for comfort, so well done on your healthy approach of exercising your mind and body today! The only tip I could offer on horrible assignments is to start early, which your planning and research stage indicates that you are doing. Writing up work the night before it was due did used to lead to me breaking diets under the stress of such a short (self-imposed) deadline.
Summayah posted something yesterday about not having scales in the house and I believe that's something I could benefit from. This morning I hopped on the scales and somehow they hadn't moved in the direction I wanted, which lead to some negative thinking.
I do seem to be on a 'bad cycle' at the momment with coming on and off the diet, have been off the diet twice since starting. I really do have to keep talking to myself to keep up the CD.

Yes, its a relaxing day which should help as I suppose I am back on another re-start. And its rainy and miserable. Lit up a new Yankee candle - sweet violet, and will indulge in some pampering later.
Plus pop in and out of minimins for motivation! x


Slimming down the aisle
Oooh Yankee candles, I do like them! So nice! I've got an Aroma Melts warmer from PartyLite which I use quite often. The smells are just so relaxing.

I thought this assignment was due the 30th of November, but turns out it's the 7th of December, which is a bit better as I have to finish my dissertation lit review too! So I've left it a bit late, but not quite as late as I thought. It's such a horrible one I've been putting it off and trying to ignore it hoping it would magic itself done or just go away! But alas, it's here, and needs to be done. I'm not 100% sure on what they want us to do for one section, but otherwise it's going well. 363 words down, 2137 to go!

I was a lot more organised on my assignment that I handed in a couple of weeks ago. Was proud of myself for getting on top of it, and I really think I did a lot better for it. Just need to try and keep that up!

Right, I'm off to try and make a CD shake without a blender for breakfast! I keep meaning to use them up for breakfasts, but get put off by the no blender!


please try again
afternoon all, hope everyones having a good one

bit brighter today, so i went on a hike round the woods with my sister and her dog, geez i was so tired, lol

hes in a strop today thou he wont tell me why. hes disappeared to see the guys at work, i told him not to bother coming back because the door will be locked. im sick of dealing with stroppy men
Thats good to hear about your woodland hike Summayah, it must have looked so nice with autumnal colours and hopefully the rain had stopped!

Now I feel a bit naughty revealing this but it just seems that I don't currently have my head in the right place to carry on with CD at the momment. All is thankfully very well with personal, work and social life - I just want to start eating again. It might be that I am no longer unhappy with how I look now, I am a size 14 although my friends say I look more like a 12, like what I see in the mirror and am able to dress quite smartly. At a younger age I would not have compromised about my ideal weight, it had to be between 9 and 9:7 but I realise that I look fine now, although health wise it would be good to lose another stone. So rather than messing about, I will make a strong effort to start something like Weightwatchers this week. Of course, if it didn't work out that would give me the boost to come back to CD, which I credit with being the most marvellous diet that got me quickly to my present contented condition.

I know it will be a bit scarey to initially see a few pounds go back on again as I return to a low fat and calorie reduced type of diet, but it will correct itself in the end.

A warm thank-you to everyone that has provided such wonderful support and encouragement to me- I will be letting you know how I get on.

Lots of love xx
Hey girls,

sumayyah know what u mean about stroppy men my ex/babies dad causes so much drama and he's not even in the country anymore!

How are we all finding today, ive done alot of tidying to keep me busy and am only just finishing my first shake now!
want an early night tonight though as i have't slept much!
BB, sorry to hear ur leaving CD but u have to do whats right for you and the most important thing is being happy with yourself and its great that you are hun! So happy for you! xx
Hi Claire,
I'm glad you felt well enough to get out and get some fresh air. Just give the stroppy lad some space -- I think they PMS sometimes, too.

I'm glad that you hve more time for the assignment -- can you send the tutor an email and ask for clarifications on what you do not understand?

If you need a break or want to try something new, good for you. I switched from LL because when I started gaining weight back and tried the LLL it wasn't working for me. The CD seems to be just fine with me for now. Maybe you're ready to try something like the South Beach diet -- which is really a lifestyle change. But, whatever you choose I am sure you'll do great.

I hope you have a restful night.



please try again
evening girls

bb, good luck on weightwatchers, let us know how you get on

well its 4 hours and hes not come back so i think its safe to say hes doing exactly what he did last time, he will say he had to go to the pub with his boss and sleep over at work and just like last time hes left jacket potatoes in the oven

grrrr bloody men!

i need more water, my mouth is soooo dry today


Slimming down the aisle
BB, good luck doing WW, I'm sure you'll do great on it!

MM, I did, it took 4 emails to get him to finally actually answer the question, each time he emailed back forgetting to answer and just answering the other minor question! lol

Sumayyah, I guess at least that way you don't have to deal with his stroppyness tonight I suppose. How do you find the whole water drinking? I always find it difficult to get to 2 litres!


please try again
caroline my water intake really varies, some days i manage 5 litres no problem and other days its a fight to get in the bare minimum. last few days ive struggled to manage all my packs. thursday i managed 1 pack and yesterday i couldnt remember how many i had so counted this morning and only had 2 packs

i just dont know whats wrong with me these days, way too much stress i think, lol

You were poorly so it is understandable that you'd be off your norm. I am glad you're feeling better and I am sure you'll be "sorted" in no time. FIVE litres? I'd never leave the loo.


Let's hope he is just as disorganised when it comes to marking your work and makes it simple by just giving you full marks!



Slimming down the aisle
Haven't you been feeling ill lately?

MM, I can only hope!!

I just watched Paranormal Activity hoping to be proper scared, was a few jumpy moments, but otherwise I was bored! Disappointing! Back to dissertation I suppose!
Hello all

Thanks for your kind words - this really does demonstrate why minimins is such a fantastic support site. This is a little break doing another diet as my body/mind seems to want a change - and I will let you know how it works out. And if it doesn't work out well, I'll be back! Best wishes and au revoir for now x

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