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Good morning dear daily threaders

Wishing you a happy day. Today is 'Sprightly Sunday' as all this talk of zumba is making me want to get off the sofa and do some groovy exercise!

Regulars to the daily thread may have previously heard of the Glam Girls, who are 2 very glitzy cousins that I meet up with regularly. Lots of lovely designer label clothes and accessories, usually sourced from TKMaxx! I last saw one half of the duo on the 2nd Jan and my restart was 4th Jan, so I am hoping that my loss of at least one stone will be noticed.

Best wishes to all - we can do it:checkmark: x
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Perhaps my brain could be as sprightly as I wish my body to be (if that makes sense, ha ha!). Forgot to mention that I am meeting the Glam Girls for spot of afternoon window shopping, a walk and a black coffee in Hampstead.
Obviously will have to do a little glamming up myself or will look like the poor relative!


running strictly on fat!
Good morning all!!!
Zumba classess sound fun - just booked myself for a session next week - checked a website and it does look interesting.
Thank you for a tip xx
Have a fabulous day in Hampstead - I love any reason to glam up! I think it's brilliant!
Numnums - glad you sorted agreement with your landlord. Bet, you can't wait to move into new place. Right in time for a spring...:)

It's sunny (for now)and looks like it's going to be beautiful day. I am off for walk down the riverside in a while.

Dear CD friends - have a fantastic Sunday and catch up with you later xxx
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Going for Goal!
Hi all,
Bling have a Fab day Hun, I'm sure your stone loss will be noticed.
Numnums, I don't envy you packing, I have all my unpacking to do yet - such a horrid chore!

Well today I have the landlord coming to check the flat, I'm a little nervous but no need to be really, hubby and me have worked very hard and the place is immaculate.

Had my morning shake so I'm all ready to go! I'm going to buy a water bottle today in the hope it helps me get the water down.

Hugs x
Good morning from a very white lovely Lancashire - oh yes the snow is back, woke up to find that a good few inches has come down in the night but it has stopped at least.

Just watching the mens final at the Aussie Open and rooting for a Federer win so have everything crossed.

I've no plans at all for today, just going to take it as it comes - my arm isn't hurting as much as yesterday so I'm just hoping that it carries on improving and the pain goes away completely.

Diet wise I know I need to increase on the water intake as I didn't drink as much as I should yesterday ---- so on that note I'm off getting a glass :)


please try again
morning all, hope everyones having a good one

its a lazy day round here today, kayas not even woken up yet, poor kids just so shattered these days
i checked out a zumba site yesterday, think i might order a dvd to do of a morning, looks interesting
might drag the others out for another walk today, minus my sisters dog so i get to walk at my own pace for once
im really hoping spring arrives soon with some warmer weather, its no fun having to sleep in long sleeved tops, nightdresses, 2 pairs of pj bottoms with 2 duvets and still being too cold to drift off to sleep
good morning all
only got a very light covering of snow in this part of lancashire and half of its gone already, as long as we dont get any more ill be happy.

not been up too long, did sleep a bit better last night, not as much coughing so hopefully im on the mend.

have a great day in/out or whatever you are doing, im sorting out some kitchen cupboards today as we put up a new breakfast bar and some more cupboards the other day so got some sorting out to do and get my kitchen/dining room in to some kind of order.

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Good morning all :)

Looks like you've got some nice Sundays going on. I'll be looking at the lovely sun from my flat today because I've got 10,000 words in essays due tomorrow and I have to finish them :( Freedom tomorrow though, can't wait!! I'll be sober partying tomorrow night while everyone else is locked, think I might enjoy it more my way :D

Hope you all enjoy the day!
Good afternoon

Having a quick scan of minimins before I head off.

We seem to be having a zumba phase here!

Good Luck NumNums with forthcoming move - as Emm will testify, its one of life's very necessary but stressful occasions. But hopefully its all worth it in the end, particularly when its a positive decision to be somewhere new that better meets the needs of yourselves and loved ones.

Oops about the snow but its good that there are some diversions, like watching the tennis, going out for picturesque walks, home improvements and writing 10,000 word essays (ha, ha - poor you, Gaelic Faery - dare I ask what its broadly about?)

I'll be back! x
Yeah I moved out of my own home last year that we owned. We wanted to move areas. But because of the crunch, no bank would give us another mortgage without 50% deposit cause we're 21 and 22 lol.

But this place is huge, but no garden. So it's taken me a year to find somewhere within walking distance of my son's school with a garden.

I can't wait to get in there. I'm going to be sending alot to charity shops in the next 4 weeks. Clothes, Books, DVD's, couple of TV's. And clear out some of their toys for the local A & E too I think.

Start off as I mean to go on.

I've not had a good CD day. I've been up since 7am yesterday and my body needed fuel, so I gave it.

New week tomorrow, so I'll start properly then!

Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
Haha blingbabe, nice to get some sympathy! One is about reforming women's prisons in order to have equality in the penal system, and the other is whether drugs laws act as an effective deterrent against illicit drug use :p

The joys of doing a masters! :)


Recovering Foodaholic
Afternoon peeps! Och, I'm tired today! I've done the shopping and am doing a good job of putting off the chores :(

I ordered a box set of zumba dvds yesterday for about £13 for an auction site, so hopefully they'll come through soon- how exciting, maybe we'll have to have a thread for it- I'm hopeless at keeping up things, but this sounds like fun!

Got WI tomorrow, hoping for 5lbs this fortnight as I've not been 100%, I know my CDC is hoping for 7- she may give me a kick up the arse again, but at least it's looking like a loss, not a gain or sts!

OMG i bought a new bra yesterday- I've changed size again and I'm staggered! I started at 42b/c, then went to 38D, now APPARENTLY I'm 34E!!!!!!! Oh well OH is very pleased about that hehe. I always go to a specialist shop and just get 1 while my body is still changing shape, but you can never underestimate the affect of a good bra, makes you feel so good, without the food! Also got a Primary nightie in 12/14 which I'm really pleased with as it looks so pretty- hard to get my head around the fact that last June I was a size 22...phew. Well, if that's not enough motivation not to nibble and get glugging the water, I dunno what is!
hello all..

did some housework and enjoying the sun shining in the windows. Still have the dreaded cold.

We should have a London girl's meetup. That would be run to go for a walk around the park and a coffee or something xx


running strictly on fat!
I am all for London meeting!!!Would be lovely to meet up!!!
Just let me know where and when girlies so will be joining you for sure xxx
Afternoon peeps! Och, I'm tired today! I've done the shopping and am doing a good job of putting off the chores :(

I ordered a box set of zumba dvds yesterday for about £13 for an auction site, so hopefully they'll come through soon- how exciting, maybe we'll have to have a thread for it- I'm hopeless at keeping up things, but this sounds like fun!
I love it! Let us know what the dvd pack is like! I might get it for when I can't get to my classes because they are at odd times xx
:) I have had a good diet Saturday and a good diet Sunday :)
crosses fingers - please please let it stay like this for a long time!

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