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Sore kidneys??

Hi guys & girlies,

Just a little note to ask if ne one else on Xenical has noticed the same thing, but the area on my back around my kidneys is feeling quite sore today? feels quite tender??

Ne one else got anything similar??

I know to keep an eye on that as have had kidney stones before, but doc said it was fine to have xenical....may just need to up my water/fluid intake a bit. Be good to know if anyone else has experienced something similar

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I haven't had the side effects you are experiencing, but as you have had stones in the past I would difinately see the doc just to check you don't have a UTI , in the meantime make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids to flush your system. Hope you feel better soon.
yeah gonna try and get an appt tomorrow. its now v.painful and am not weeing very often! TMI! LOL. Thanks Skyegirl xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooh never i hope your ok hun!! U said you wasnt feeling too good earlier!!

When the receptionist asks you if its an emergency..say yes ! but up those fluids in the meantime, it will dilute your wee and make things a wee bit more comfy, , you could also try some paracetamol and ibruprofen , its quite safe to take together as they are completely different drugs, don't worry. But you might find one or the other doesn't do the trick , just remember paracetamol can be taken every 4 hours whereas Ibruprofen has to have 6 hours between. Really hope you get into the docs tomorrow as its sounding like you might need some anti-biotics.
Feel better soon xxx

Oh and sorry about the above post, fingers were a wee bit previous..ha ha
ive not had this side effect if it is one hun, get yourself to the doc if you feel the need xxx
hi skyegirl, still feeling crappy but couldnt get a doctors appt, apparently a "water infection" (their words not mine!) is NOT an emergency appt and to drink plenty of water and i can see the doc Monday morning @ 11am! nice!

am drinking plenty of fluid @ mo...still feeling crappy tho and really uncomfortable, not pains, more achey and tender. I DO suffer with water infections tho....bit silly of doc to give me xenical when i've had kidney stones before aye! REALLY hope they dont take them off me now tho coz they're really keeping me on the straight and narrow!

not taking them today to give my kidneys a rest, just gonna get loades of fluid in me, and gonna go to out-of-hours-doctors in the hospital if it gets worse tonight

thanks everyone for your concern
Poor you, crappy Drs!!! UTI's if not treated are serious, see this is why I have a dislike of medical receptionists (sorry if I offend anyone) I do find it unacceptable that someone without a medical degree can decide whether or not you need to see a DR. I would definately call the out of hours Dr if you are feeling no better tonight and also explain that you tried to get an appt with your own GP but couldn't get passed the battleaxe on reception...Grrrrr, really makes me seeth.
I worked for 10 years with the NHS in a large teaching hospital and this sort of thing can end up making things much worse for a&e staff when certain patients could have seen their own GP rather than turing up on our doorstep (not nessecarily for UTI's I must add, although it has happened) because they couldn't get an appt.
Do feel better soon

Rant over !

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