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sorry about this boys! help please girlies!

I didn't really want to ask this on here but can't find the answer anywhere online.

Do we tend to weigh a few extra pounds on our periods? I know i feel more bloated but wasn't sure if this was just the weigh you feel or if it is reflected also in your weight.

Would appreciate your help!

Thanks x
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I am afraid most of us girlies do weigh more leading upto and during our period. So when it's totm (time of the month) weight losses are usually smaller or even stay the same, however the following week you usually have a fab loss as the water weight disappears again.

X x


i really don't know life
yup, i have that problem. this week i gained back the 2lb i lost last week and was well annoyed! bloody totm. am determined to have an amaaaazing loss next week though!

tis difficult, but try to ignore any gain around totm, it's probably just the water :)


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Rhuba is right, I went to get weighed yesterday and I know I should have lost at least 2lbs but have only lost 1lbs as it is TOTM, trust it to come two days before my weigh in.

On a good note though, hopefully next week when I have my next weigh in I will be jumping up and down for joy at having lost a little extra.

Good luck to you all
Fenix x
Glad its not just me then .. not saying i want all you to suffer aswel lol .. thanks for your replys =) xx
I am another one that gets this. Blooming annoying! I know its normal though, my ww leader always asks is it a 'hormonal week' when you don't get the result you want at the scales!!!
Yeah I only lost a pound this week stupid water retention. Though this is better that it has been at my worst due to over eating and eating junk food so retaining more I gained 7 pounds in one week!!
Ohh yes, the dreaded TOM (time of month)!!
I always find I feel bloated no matter what I eat and I'm constantly hungry!
Thank goodness it's only a few days!
im afraid it happens to every woman =[

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