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Sorry another stupid question!


Sorry to bother you all with my stupid questions again, but when I cook for the family I like to 'lick the spoon' , there isn't loads on the spoon, say some bean juice just to get a nice taste in my mouth! but for my first weigh in I only lost 3lbs (that was 4 days ago) I weighed myself today and I am still the same weight. I am in mild ketosis. Do you think that by me l'icking the spoon' it has slowed weight loss down.

What do you think, does anyone else do that?:confused:
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Personally if it were me I'd go with the 'if in doubt...stop' way of thinking. Try and not do it for a week and see if the weight loss improves.
Well done on the weight loss though it's great!
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Hard to say but it could do, as Kelly suggested perhaps stop for a week and see what happens.



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Its really hard to not 'lick the spoon' I know honey......it used to be a habit of mine after cooking anything and everything for my children....

When I started doing CD I just stopped it.......I see it as too much of a temptation in giving myself that little taste....and we can never be 100% sure that all those little tastes can affect our weight losses....

Try to see it as another habit that needs breaking.....like the 2 biccies with a cup of tea, like the bar of chocolate with the daily newspaper......when you break that habit you feel more in control of what you are eating and more in control of your own weight loss journey!

Good Luck honey.....you can do this xxxx


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I know it sounds silly but even the slightest trace of some foods can knock you out of ketosis. This is why a lot of people don't have slices of lemon in drinks, or diet drinks ( citric acid in both ), and don't even think of brining up the chewing gum issue!!!
Best to rinse the spoon as soon as...just think how all that hard work might be getting undone by an unsatisfying, taste bud stimulating, pathetic amount of food. So not worth it.
Good luck
I must admit I would find licking the spoon too tempting, so when I started CD I only cooked food I didn't like for my children (fish, vegetables, spaghetti) - they were happy enough with the food and it kept me on the straight and narrow.

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