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Sorry But I need to do this!

Afternoon All,

Im having a really crappy day today, and feel like rubbish so thought Id come on here for a bit.
Ive got a fancy dress costume to go to on friday but im working until 9pm so need to find something quick to pop on before i go to the party. Have been racking my brain for ideas and cant think of anything to wear.
Also, I am on the Heaviest period in the world! Which is making me feel incredibly un-sexy! I feel fat and bloated and I tried on an old coat of mine today and its still a little snug, even after loosing over 2 stone :(

I went to a gig last night with my cousin and her other half and my friend Kim. Having recently finished with a guy I was seeing I felt very lonely and wished that he was there with me. He's text me today to tell me that he misses me but Im so all over the place right now.
I feel like this diet is completly controlling my life at the min, I go shopping and there is food everywhere, I cant go to the pub for a drink (apart from water!) I cant go out to lunch, when i go to the cinema i have to walk past the delicious hot dogs and ice cream. And Im sick of people moaning to me about them being hungry and telling me.... "oooh i could just eat......" Arrrggghhh!!! I'll tell u what after not eating for 8 weeks I feel like eating them!! :mad:

Im sorry folks, Im ranting now but I feel like i need to release this!!

Ive told this guy that i was seeing that the diet is making me a little unsociable at the min, and that sometimes its making me a grumpy toad and he tried his best to understand but he didnt realise how I was really feeling.
Ive been soooooo positive really up to now but am starting to get a bit cheesed off (mmmm.... cheese!)
I feel like everything is getting to me at the min and that my head feels ready to explode. :cry:

Right, Im off for a sachet now, sorry to go on and on, Im sure Im making no sense :(

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Guess who's back...?
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Oh Laura!!! Don't apologise - we all have days/weeks/months like this... and you are well within your rights to have a good ole moan :D That's what we are here for!

It is VERY annoying the way people seem to go on and on and on and on about what they feel like eating, how hungry they are etc.

I have had a couple of people trying to stop me doing Lighter Life - telling me I should do Weight Watchers etc etc... and I try and stand my ground, but I with everyone would just shut the hell up. What is it with everyone needing an opinion on MY life.

Sorry to hear you've been through a break up - no, it's not going to be made any easier by the fact you are on this diet... but try and look at everything as a fresh start - you are going to be this slim, stunning, drop dead gorgeous specimen of a woman - in control of her own destiny, able to be on her own... you'll be practically batting them off when the time comes! :)

Try and keep busy (yeah yeah, that ole chestnut I hear you moan)... I have made a concerted effort to go out everytime my friends even so much as consider a night out... I was out Fri, Sat and Sun night this weekend - just drinking water and weeing like a racehorse - but had a brilliant time... although I was home by 12 on each night - I don't have the stamina I used to have! Lol.

Anyway... I'm going to sound like a typical Lighter Lifer... but have you done Thought Records yet? This could be a PERFECT opportunity for you to do one, if so. If not, hang on until next week and store up how you feel... it will be invaluable.

All this **** times are all part of the bigger picture, honey. What doesn't kill us... and all that jazz...

You can do it! (Cough, when you B&Q it... dammit! That advert has ruined everything!)

A x


nearly there!! :)
hey i dont have much advice but i wanna offer hugs xxxx

how bout starting to think "ok i cant eat but its cause im CHOOSING not too"
"i cant drink cause im CHOOSING not to"
"i WILL fit into amazing clothes in a couple of weeks wait till everyone sees"

turn the negatives into a positive. this diet is hard enough without driving urself mad!! i no there is nothing u can do about ur period so i do feel sorry for ya hunni but have a bath lie down and keep glugging the water down xx

also dont make a decision bout the lad until ur in sane mind...cause u could regret the decision u make!!

as for the fancy dress i to am going to one and am going as a ahem ... prostitute haha now i do not have the nicest legs boobs body etc but its gonna be a laugh and i have lost weight so ill look better than i did!!

how bout something simple like a devil or a witch? i no its original but so what!!! have ur costume organised and ready before u leave and u can just slip into it!!

hope u feel better soon xxx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
hey i dont have much advice but i wanna offer hugs xxxx

how bout starting to think "ok i cant eat but its cause im CHOOSING not too"
"i cant drink cause im CHOOSING not to"
"i WILL fit into amazing clothes in a couple of weeks wait till everyone sees"

EXCELLANT! Good advice. Our LLC drove into our heads, when we start to hear ourselves say..."I go to the pub and I CAN'T drink" " I go out with friends and I CAN'T eat", etc.....

Of course we can. We can eat or drink whatever we want. There is noone policing us.

We are doing this because we CHOOSE to.

Just remembering that, I found, removed SO much pressure, made it all so much more endurable.

Good one Catz. :)

In any event - so sorry you are feeling the blues now love, and hope it brightens up for you tomorrow. Just rememnber - all this will pass. Sooner then you think.

Hang in there, hugs and cuddles comin at ya!

Thank You!


I just want to say a HUGE Thank You for your positive comments. I have only had chance to read them today and do you know what, I feel fabulous!
I have my fancy dress sorted - Im going as Spongebob Square Pants!! hehe, not very sexy I know but should raise a few giggles!

Thank you to everyone for your support, your wise words really struck home and the positive Laura is back and fighting fit! I'd be lost without you guys xxxxx
Hope you all have a brill week and weekend!

Lots of Love,

S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Yay!!!! Well done honey!!! Each hurdle and each struggle you go through and climb out of puts you up one more rung on the success ladder!!

Glad you are feeling better, and you can make Sponge Bob sexy! :D

Have fun!

glad your feeling better i remember feeling down around week 7/8. it's totally passed and this not eating/drinking lark just feels normal.
my biggest advantage tho is i dont have a great social life oh is a chef and we have a little boy so i have to be home in the evenings.
its gets easier being in social situations and not eating /drinking but still its much easier to not have to deal with them.

i was going to suggest going to the party as gold finger (literally painting a finger gold) got to be one of the easiest fancy dresses.



nearly there!! :)
good on u for getting ur head back in the right place xxx

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