sorry but not for the lads

Never had it but my M8 gets it Natural yoghurt placed on there! Other wise I think you can get tablets from your Doc?
You can buy fluconazole tablets over the counter at the chemist. Just one tablet, once, should do the trick. You can buy generic ones for £5.
I had tablets from the Doctor - diflucan ... but now you can buy them over the counter.
Don't forget to get your partner treated too - or you can pass it back and forwards!
I always use to get thrush when on anti-biotics ... and was told to wait until after I'd finished the course before treating the thrush. Whilst I was waiting to finish anti-boitics would put natural yogurt on a tampon.
Hope you soon feel better.
Ouch Ouch!!!

Hope you get this sorted...OUCH - had a bad dose about 2 years ago and nearly crashed the car getting to the chemist...i was literally in agony (i'd let it go...then it hit like a ton of bricks...) thrushy bricks...

I can almost still feel it...

The Canestan duo, is the only thing that works for me, i know its expensive for a little tablet but id have paid a zillion quid if I had too! plus again loads of water so it doesn't sting when you pee!

Hope you get it sorted soon.