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sorry everyone. ..

Hello everyone,

Well since my mishap last Saturday I have got back on the horse and have stuck to it all week.am tempted to get weighed tomorrow but fear I will be disappointed.

I seem to be hanging by a thread this week and work has been very very stressful. I'm picking up my bridesmaid dress tomorrow to try on (size 12!!) And I'm terrified as its no way gonna fit.I'm meant to be wearing it on 24 July! !

Sorry to moan AGAIN I'm just very stressed by all this and very miserable. Want to just leave the country and hide!!
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Hey Sandy, that is what we are here for, vent away as much as you like. I am sure it will all be fine, 4 days of vlcd and you should have lost something. You have been very good over the last 4 days and that counts. I am sure the dress fitting will go ok. Just keep going and keep your chin up.
Sandy, Please moan away...thats what these forums and us are for! Well done on getting back on the wagon, that is amazing! Wish I could say the same, I havent as yet, but plan to today!! :D

Mayve have a nice long soak in the bath or if the weather is nice some sunbathing and "ME" time!! Help get those stresses away..you will be fine!!!

Keep Smiling!!
Tried the bridesmaid dress on and its inches away from fastening!! Don't know what I'm going to do.xx


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hi sandy wot a dilema, but don;t give up its not over yet. have u tried some slimming under garment such as a body clinger to pull you in or something like it, i have my prom dress arriving soon, so i hope i can get into it, or i will be having A good moan too,. This is what we are here for, we are in this together. goodluck x


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Sandy, you can do it! Done 100% this plan can make you lose inches well....so think of the dress and really go for it now chick. We are behind you all the way :) xxx
Thanks so much for all your support.xxx it really means a lot.my third weigh in on sat,I'm gonna give it 100% and hope for the best xxx will let you know my loss on Saturday xx


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Hood luck for saturday!:) x

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Chin up sandy honey xx good luck for the next weigh in. Try not to be to tough on yourself, the sheer fact you started the diet, and then had the willpower to get back on the wagon after falling off is a testiment to you. It must have been so hard to decide to try again after tasting food... you are amazing to me xx

Like calligas has said maybe invest in a under garment thingy just in order to take some of the stress away.. and remeber sometimes the scales dont move but we are loosing inches... I find having a tape measure really helpful, being able to see a inch loss rather than a pound loss spurs me on. So even if the weigh in isn't what you hope for.. I bet some inches would have melted away

And you never have to say sorry here.

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