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sorry haven't been around but.......

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Hi guys haven't been around since end of last week thought i'd drop you a note to explain why???? my parents and my grandparents (mam's parents) set off to blackpool on friday for their annual christmas shopping trip....took 6 hours on a freezing cold bus to get there. any way they all had a fab day after getting there friday really lovely altogether laughing and joking then whilst my grandparents were strolling outside the hotel having a cigarette my gran suddenly collapsed :cry::( sadly she had passed away before she touched the pavement :cry::cry:all her other children and 6 out of her 12 grandchildren travelled straight up to blackpool to be with her. it is a terrible time for us all but my mum is in a bad way after the hospital allowed her to watch the resus attempts horrific to see as a nurse let alone watch as staff are unable to save your mother and my grandfather just can't believe he was unable to do anything to help her. :( her body is still in blackpool awaiting a post mortem so we are in limbo unable to arrange anything until she comes home. i feel numb and still in shock like it hasn't really happened. sorry for the long ramble guys will try to keep checking in and am trying to keep the diet on track xxx:wave_cry:
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I am so sorry to ready your very sad news.

A loss is always so upsetting and one that is so sudden never gives anyone time to prepare for it. You must all be in a state of shock.

My condolensces to you and your family on your very sad loss.


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So sorry to here this sad news, my dad passed away suddenly 3 years ago and I was in a total state of shock. I dont know what else to say cos nothing I say can take that pain away. Just take care, and all come together as a family to help each other through this terrible time. I' ll be thinking of you at this sad time xxx
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Oh my lord hun i am so so sorry! That is a terrible thing to watch and the shock of it has obviously taken over your whole family.

I really hope you get to lay her to rest soon it can be very helpful in accepting it!

I hope you and your family get threw this hard time and remember all the brilliant loving moments you spent with your Gran. xxxxxx


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I'm so sorry for your loss hun, it must be a terrible time for you all. My thoughts are with you and your family.


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irish molly

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What a heartbreaking story.And for so many of your family to have witnessed it and to have felt so helpless. No words can comfort you just yet. Take care of yourself and of your Mum, Gramps and everyone else. Remember all the nice things about her and how she was enjoying herself on her last day. Take care.
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*hugs* Awww Yummy Mummy. I'm so so sorry to hear your sad news.

My condolences and sympathies to you and your family. Take care of yourselves and do whatever you have to do to make your lives easier.

Thoughts and prayers are with you



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Sorry to hear of your loss - my thoughts are with you and your family


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awww hun x

i'm so sorry to hear this.its awful x

take care.thinking of you all x


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Oh hon *hugs* I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your grandma passing away so suddenly. My deepest condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. x

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