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Sorry Im going to have a moan!

I am doing fine but feeling quite p***ed off at them moment. Not with LL I am doing fine on the program and I know I will get to goal by feb/march time. I just think this week i have sort of slowed down running about with the kids and have been having lots of lazy days, so I am feeling a bit sluggish and fed up. I suffer a bit from SAD so I think the dark nights and mornings are getting to me, I really start to hibernate and lounge about loads. Also at this time of year we have lots of brithday parties and I am getting so annoyed having to sit through all the sandwhiches and cakes. I can do it but I just feel annoyed thats all people want to do is EAT!!! One friend is having 2 parties in the same week for her childand we have another childs party in the middle of them. I feel like people are testing me and I know they arent but Im sick of sitting surrounded by people eating all the time!!

Tmrw night my kids are staying at Grannys and its a night for me and my OH and usually we would go out for a nice meal and some drinks but cant do that so Ive suggested Cinema but he is such a grump and moaned he wasnt going to a chick flick. I just wish it was easier to find better things to do than eat eat and blooming eat!

I am just feeling really grumpy and moody at the momment! Had to vent sorry!
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argh, know how you feel. it was my dh 40th last weekend and had to sit and watch him eat loads of lovely food including bday cake. it wasnt fun but i did it, i know what you mean tho i can watch people eat and its not tooo bad but i really rather not do it.
oh well we're doing so well girl and it's lovely not to feel bloated and full up isn't it.
I know what you mean about the weather. And the clocks change at the weekend too just to make things even darker!
If it's any consolation I had a strop the other day too as I was going ouit but had nothing that fit as it's all too big! Really need to get some new clothes but just holding off till I get to my goal.
Hope the day picks up for you. Raining and miserable here. Working from home today and still in my pyjamas and in bed!
Thanks I am just very grumpy and anyone and everythign is annoying me! Just had to vent. I will try st johns wart, thanks Karmawitch.

I think I'm just emotional at the moment. and with raining and so windy cant get out a walk or anything. I too am still sitting in my PJ's think I will get myself dressed give the house a little tidy and try to get myself moving.

thanks again!
Feeling bit better now! I went out to the shops for toilet roll and some chocolate for the boys that they are all now eating but I have some lovely evian water YUMMMMMMY!

Dont know if its cause the last two days have been kind of slow and boring I just feel frustrated and maybe the reality of the program is setting in. Its a long long time until ill be going out for a meal with friends etc. Dont get me wrong im not struggling with LL, its an amazing program and im 100% committed to it. I just think the reality has set it. I know I have just have to keep reminding myself how fabulous ill be looking next year and that's more than enough to keep me going!

I'm going to Alton towers tomorrow so just thought I would suggest going to a theme park near you its something fun to do and its easy to avoid food/alcohol. Also next week I'm going go karting (woohoo-I'm very excited about this, as I would never have done it before because i assumed they wouldn't have an overall big enough or i would get stuck in the kart haha!).

((((hugs)))) to wonderful Emsksi!!! sorry that you feel like that, but you feel much better now, i am on day 2 and feel quite happy today. but i want to sleep, so hopefully i will try and fit in a nap later. enjoy your evian, i bought the flavoured water st. clements and i drink it in hot water. it is really nice!!


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Hi Em

I sooo know what you are going through. I suffer from SAD to quite badly and its no fun, I hit these depressive moods and I am tired all the time. Its not fun. I started taking 5HTP, its a herbal serotonin booster. Also helps regulate sleep. I also have a wake up light for the mornings. I know it will be another week or so before the tablets start kicking in properly but it is no fun.

When I was in abstinence I went to see a show at the O2 with a friend. When we came out and walked passed all those restaurants I threw a strop I can remember thinking "what is wrong with people why does everything have to revolve around food"

Hang in there I hope the SAD does not get too bad.
Hope things are soon on the up, can totally empathise, I've got a birthday party at bowling on Saturday and DD2 won competition to attend shopping centre party and cut cake, so more food, can't say I'm looking forward to it either.

Can I just say if you are thinking about going back on the pill, I'm sure St John's wort can interfere with it.
Awww, just wanted to give you some *huggles* and hope you feel better soon.

Remember, all those parties will be much more fun when you're at goal, and there will be plenty of them.
Dont know if its cause the last two days have been kind of slow and boring I just feel frustrated and maybe the reality of the program is setting in. Its a long long time until ill be going out for a meal with friends etc. Dont get me wrong im not struggling with LL, its an amazing program and im 100% committed to it. I just think the reality has set it. I know I have just have to keep reminding myself how fabulous ill be looking next year and that's more than enough to keep me going!

I felt EXACTLY the same way Emz - precisely, as if I wrote that myself. That's a normal and understandable reaction. And it's a big hurdle.....and the good news is, you just got over it - and you accepted your position for the next few months. Brilliant!!!! Really key I think!

Just take heart - I know now, it seems so far away - but I promise you, it will soon become so second nature - so natural - you will sail through the days and then before you know it - you are done.

Glad you are feeling better - and relax now that you know "what up" and ENJOY the journey.....it can be a lot more then a diet. A LOT more.

Thanks BL if you have felt this way then I know I'm on the right tracks!! I am so proud that Ive got through it and I am happy to accept that this is my reality and its a damn good reality. My reality is I have found a program I can stick to and get results, im not struggling with points or treats! My reality is ive found a way to my goal and Im getting there. Nothing or nobody is going to get my way!

Funny how a very grumpy rant of a threat has turned round into something rather postive. THIS IS WHAT IS GREAT ABOUT THIS PLACE!
Hi Emski
Ond of our friends in the LL group started because she wanted to lose weight to wear a bridesmaids dress this summer. She did so well and looks gorgeous. The focus shifted as the LL programme became so much more than just a diet. She went to the wedding, looked super in her strapless dress. She almost forgot to show us the pictures because her focus has shifted so much!t's a life changer.......


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Ahhh - this was the bad day then, hehe. Yeah - I've had a moment like that, where everyone seemed to be focused on nothing but food. A friend of mine was obviously very insecure about the fact he was eating and I wasn't - so he trying to shove a Mr Kipling Angel Slice into my mouth "as a joke". Needless to say I hit the roof. There are some people out there that aren't comfortable unless they are feeding you... or doing something with food. Drives me MAD!
In fact, my ex was one of those - we were together 18 months and during that time I went from 12lbs7 to 16st4... he just wanted to feed me the whole time! Gulp!

Anyway - I'm a bit slow on the uptake for this thread and am glad you are cheerier today - and well done for getting past this and turning it into a positive. BL is pretty good for showing us the good sides to all our down days :D

Well my moods seem to be going up and down like the big dipper is this normal?!?!?

I was fine yesterday evening and then today I have had an argument with my OH he is doing my freaking head in!!! He thinks its funny to sit and wind me about about food, i know he doesn't mean to be cruel but it is to me. He hasn't been that great when Ive told him how much Ive lost I don't know what he was expecting, maybe he thought the old me would back int he door after the first weigh in, I don't know but im finding him quite negative.

Anyway Ive told him exactually how I feel about his wind ups and negative behaviour and as fat as im concered he stick it. I just feel like I dont even want to speak about LL with him now.

Your so right slendablenda, This is so much more than the bridesmaid dress now. I am facing up to a lot things that have hurt me in the past and that are still raw. Me and my OH have had a tough time and I think I hold alot agaist him. Sometimes things are very hard to move on from.

Anyway I have my 28 day check up today with the Dr so hopefully he wont be a negative one becuase if he is with my mood I may stick his thermotor where the sun dont shine!


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Ha ha ha - oh Em! You poor thing!

I've had that exact same thing with this guy - winding me up about food etc... he's never taken it seriously - and it's really hard going... and he's only a friend (well, kind of - we see each other every night... and err.. kiss and stuff... I think I may be in denial here...!)

Anyway - all you can do is be honest with him - as you have been. It sounds like he is pretty insecure. Has he ever had a problem with food? It could be an age old case of he's jealous that you are doing something about your weight, and he never did - or maybe it's something other that weight that he's never been in control of...

You're a strong woman - you'll be fine - all you can do is keep communicating with him.

I can completely sympathise with you Em. My OH is an arse - in general as well as about me losing weight.

There isn't any "well done" or "you're doing great".....it's all "what have you lost?.....Is that all?" :mad:

No flowers or notes saying how amazing I am or how proud of me he is. The closest I get is to smell his kebab meat and chips when he sits next to me eating it.

Apparently (according to him) I was fine the way I was...which was 16 and a half stone. I have tried talking to him to explain that he may of thought I was ok, but I certainly did not. And that's what really counts.

If he does say anything nice then it's always back handed compliments.

Sorry for hijacking your post - it just really struck a cord with me and made me extremely angry :mad::mad:

But ultimately you are right - they can stick it!



Guess who's back...?
Polly - the guys I know are the same - 'don't lose weight!'... I too was 16st4... so about the same... why can't they see that it is extremely unhealthy to be that heavy?? Grrrr. Even now - I am about 14 stone - and still with an Obese BMI... but they are calling me 'Slimbo' and being really unsupportive about me carrying on.

All together now.

F*CK EM! Excuse my language, hehe.


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