sorry its been so long... 7 month later


Full Member
oh guys... its been a disaster... a total disaster! i know i vanished from the forums after hitting target, i went on a week holiday abroad which was truly amazing but it all went down hill from there and the truth is i have gained all the weight back.. i am devistated!! I cant really understand- yes i didnt follow maintenance which was foolish of me but i wouldnt say ive been pigging out (just a little bit over christmas) the weight seemed to pile on even eating a bowl of cereal or some bread... and went up and up like crazy :( so i guess its January a new start... ive actually booked up the same holiday for june this year and I have to lose the weight, and this time for good! My body just cant deal with the carbs so im going to have to do a different maintenance approach when i finally get there again. I will be happy with a target loss of 20 pounds.. i hope you guys can help me as last time i was so inspired and motivated it got me to where i wanted to be!!! Im blabbering but yeah... im back and i have to do this!!
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