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I am so sorry for posting this but I have no one to talk to and need to tell someone,

I have just found out my husband has been on a flirting / dating site that he is still using and chatting to other women, not innocently I might add. I am devastated, we were having problems a while back and then he got made redundant and since then things have never been better we have been so happy.........or so I thought. I don't know what to do

thanks for reading
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Thankyou, it got worse after I wrote this....evidently him and this other women were telling each other they loved each other, he even sent her 'our wedding song'. I have spoken to him but have moved out and the moment and really don't know how to feel. thankyou for caring xx


so sorry hun ((((hugs))) once someone has betrayed your trust its very hard to get it back, I know unfortunately.

You have to look after yourself here and do what is right for you.

Take care NC my thoughts are with you xx


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Been there!

Sorry to hear of your dilemma. It's so soul destroying. Do you have any children? That can make things more complicated. How long were you together? Hope you can move on = better sooner than later!
Take care. All the very best for the future.:hug99:


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Very sorry to hear that Nattyclare :grouphugg:
You need to ask yourself what do you really want now? If its him and if you think you can work things out or if you want a fresh start and move on xXx


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My ex did the exact same thing, He was doing it for as long as i've been with him. I think they are craving attention and i got blamed for not giving him enough attention. We split up in August as i couldnt take it anymore and was sick of it. I dont think he actually did anything but flirt but that not the point.

We are still friends now as we have a little girl, he has said he has change and he was being stupid and all he wants is for us to be a happy family again. Only problem is it is always going to be in the back of my mind.

Do what you feel is right, you have to make the decision, not anyone else. x

hope it works out for the best


Must do it this time
sending you ((((((((big hugs))))))))) hun,stay strong.
Thinking of you.


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awh no hun .. that's not good news at all. How are you???

Thank you all, it's taken a while, we have talked and are living back in the same house (but separate beds) and I have decided to see how it goes, I don't want to get further down the line and wish I had tried but it is very hard, all these thoughts that go through your head.....
Big hugs. x x
Get a password on the computer and ban him from using it, while you sort out what you want. Be strong and take no crap, he is the one that is in the wrong and so lucky to have you.

Dita x x
you have to be very very strong !!! natty , take no nonesense and try nd move on sumthing like that happens isnt really worth trusting him again tbh hope u be ok love , xx
Thankyou so much to all of you for your support, it means so much to me that online friends take the time out of their own lives to be there for me xx

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