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  1. KerrieW

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself now! I'm Kerrie and I'm now switching over from the Cambridge diet back to weight watchers. Starting this Saturday, have signed up online but not able to get to the shops till Friday night so got to wait a bit.

    I lost 8 stone following LL then CD but unfortunately have put it all back on - just want to say this is absolutely nothing to do with the CD which is a fantastic diet, I came off for various reasons and didn't work up the plans so it is completely down to me that the weight went back on. In the past I have followed WW points, losing 5 stone but that went back on too. I am feeling almost guilty for abadoning the CD but it isn't right for me at the moment and I am going to go a different route and try to really re-learn habits around food following Core. Am a bit scared about Core as I am not one for making the most sensible food choices but discuessed it with my OH and we both agree I need to give it a go otherwise I am never going to maintain a healthy weight. If it all goes pear-shaped I can always switch to points though!

    Hope to be an active poster, it's been great to read other people's stories and see some of the great successes!

    Just have a couple of questions for anyone on Core, I know you are allowed yoghurts - do probiotic yoghurt drinks fall into this catagory or do they need pointing? Also do you have to use up the 21 point weekly allowance plus exercise bonus or do people not do this and fill up on Core foods instead?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

    Kerrie xxx
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  3. saraian24

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    Hiya Kerrie, i want to say welcome back to ww, im not going to be unable to offer dvice as i follow points plan - but ithink with lots of support you can really turn your life around this time and keep the weight off, what made you gain it back though hunni? there must be something that you need to deal with too keep it off this time - emotional reasons in your life maybe. Women find it harder too keep off because we deal with the emotional aspects of our lives so differently from men!
    I hope you get to grips with core as it ooks great and will hopefulyl get you cooking and enjoying it - does your partner helpout as well with the whole cooking aspect too to help you? xxx
  4. Bobwillbethin

    Bobwillbethin Full Member

    Hi and welcome I just started doing ww again and this time i will get there and stay slim
    am doing points so have no idea about core sorry
    good luck though
  5. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

    Slim and Save
    we will all get there ladies and be hot by next spring.
  6. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Welcome to WW. And congratulations on losing so much weight. You know you can do it again

    Irene xx
  7. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    lost over 60 lbs with ll
    welcome to ww xxx i think u can only use 12 exercise points im not positive though so prob better to wait for some one who is on it xxx good luck
  8. KerrieW

    KerrieW Full Member

    Thanks for the welcome everyone, it nice to feel like I am regaining some control over my life!

    Yup - emotional issues abound here! I'm your classic messed up child of divorce, weight problems, daddy issues, high emotional state etc etc. Sometimes I wonder how I get through the day! I guess one of the main problems is I am so deeply unhappy with my weight and with how I perceive other aspects of my life (even perversely those that go well) that food is always my safety blanket. That and to be honest an element of greed - I am never satisfied and it has been frustrating trying to get this explained to my OH who simply cannot understand why I cannot just have one biscuit rather than a packet etc. It's like a deep seated need to feel fufilled by something. My OH is slightly overweight (just under a stone) but only because he has moved from an active job to a desk one so has gained a bit. I guess also I am quite good at losing weight but only if I stick to something to the letter - as soon as I deviate slightly I'm off completely. PLus I don't use the weight loss journey to deal with why I am turning to food and then get to goal with all the problems I had before. Hoping at least I will learn to eat well on Core but really want to be in a place where food is not by answer to everything. I am feeling rather low right now I am big again (size 22/24) and it just seems like it will take forever to get healthy but I have to start or my health is going to start getting problematic.
    OH is pretty good -not so much with the cooking as he isn't particularly confident but he helps with the veg prep etc so that's good. He also wants to start eating healthy so we are going to plan our dinners from Core menus and he will just have a bigger portion! PLus I am hoping planning will mean less supermarket trips and less temptation!
  9. shrinkingannie

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    Hi, I just wanted to say hello and welcome. I am doing core and find it brilliant - I love the fact you can eat big healthy meals but the best bit for me is only smacking on fruit - this in itself makes your whole diet so much healthier and easier really because it is much easier to stop at one apple unfortunately;).
    Read Lydia's core diary - she is doing really well on core and has great recipes.

    I find I use all my points and my activity points - but that might just be me:sigh:
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