Sould I exercise, and will it increase the weight loss?


Go to the gym if you want to. We should all be doing some sort of exercise for the sake of our general health and fitness, but while you're on a VLCD you shouldn't be using it to try to speed up your losses. It takes a lot of work to significantly impact your losses with exercise, and if you're doing that much you should be eating more.

Don't forget there are loads of benefits to exercise other than just weight loss!


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Ive just finished week 4 and last week I went to the gym but only went in the pool, I was amazed that I felt like a wek kitten. So take it easy, I also went in the steam room for a short time. Im going back to the pool again tomorrow but on saturday I may venture into the gym and try a very short slow time on the trendmill and exercise bike along with a couple of reps on the tummy toner but it will only be for a short time.

Good luck it can only help but adjust accordingly to your energy levels and take water with you
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I started exercise on week 3, I have started a bodypump class which is quite intense and also aerobics, will also be going to the gym.

I am not doing it to tone up and build muscle so have prepared myself that some times the weight loss might not be as good, but the fat loss is what is most important. I think you just need to listen out to your body and if you need to rest, then do!

Good luck!


I am not doing it to tone up and build muscle so have prepared myself that some times the weight loss might not be as good

How do you mean? As long as you drink plenty of extra water before, during and after your classes, it won't slow down your weight loss. :confused:


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I went to the gym all through my programmes and found it helped me to stop thinking of food. You dont have to go to the gym to kill yourself go and do a sensible workout like a long walk or a relaxing swim. You will burn calories with what ever you do.
If you have started sole source then go easy for the first couple of weeks until the body gets used to it.

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I am exercising too - from 2nd week on SS, have gone to gym 3-5 times week. I am really enjoying it for relaxation purposes now - -listen to my fave music and chill out (AND IT IS THE ONLY THING WHICH WARMS ME UP! - the cold is the worst part of the diet for me).

Just take it easy and do it to relax and like they say, drink lots of water.

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I'm with Clairabellx on that .. I went back to the gym in week 2 and also do 3-5 times a week, including 3 high impact spinning classes.... it's harder than before .. as my legs get more tired, more quickly but I have loads of energy ... Listen to your body and do what feels right for you!!


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I actually find that I enjoy the gym more. First I just stuck to the treadmill and walked up hill for 30 mins 3 times a week. But as my body is so used to it, I now include the strider and stepper. I have so much energy now. If I feel tired I stop.