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Sounding off again and I feel like sh*t!


Wants to do this!
I lost 2 stone earlier in the year and have successfully managed to put it all back on. Seems like its the only thing that I'm actually good at really. I got down to a size 16 and now I'm back up to an 18.

Today my husband thought he would just rib me about my weight..."you know I'm only joking" he says - I get upset (as you do) because this losing weight thing, and keeping it off is so hard for me. Then he tells me I'm taking this too far!!

How is "Do you have to put deoderant on underneath your tummy bag?" a joke? He already knows that talc is a big girl's best friend, especially in hot weather.

The kids saw how upset he made me and I just couldn't seat in the same space as him after that. The kids tried to cheer me up but that can't fix it. Only I can by losing weight. Even at home the fat person can be the butt of all jokes.

My husband asked my son the other day, "Would you have a wife the same size as your mum?" My son answers (bless his heart) "Not as big as mummy, just average, about size 12 or 14" I mean that's fair I wouldn't even want a woman my size I don't think I'm sexy in the slightest. When I was a size 16 I started to think I was but I ain't no more.

When I think of sexy I see Beyonce in my mind but I'm so far away from being like her (Check out my tracker).

I've been off work for a week and I'm scared to go back 'cause I don't think my clothes will fit! I'm in a bad place..mentally

I keep telling my daughter that I don't want her to get fat but what example I am? I talk a good talk but talk a good walk I think NOT.

Gonna start with calorie counting again and hope for the best. I've got a 3 hour aerobathon to do at the end of September and really should begin to get in shape for it, that was the whole reason of signing up.

So here's to beginning again...
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Hi, We're about the same weight and size so totally know where you're coming from. My boyfriend can also make comments which are hurtful but luckily he doesn't do it very often. I hope the 'rant' made you feel a bit better? Sometimes it helps to get it all out. Can your husband stand to drop a few pounds? If so, maybe ask him to help you get started by joining in? If not, at least ask him not to make comments in front of the kids - it's not fair on anyone! Remember, you're mummy - your kids think you're beautiful no matter what size you are! Show them a beautiful, confident woman and that's what they'll learn from you. And as for having clothes that dont fit, there's always magic pants! Good luck, please dont feel down, you've done it in the past and that's what you need to focus on. x


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I bet part of the reason why you gained weight is because you work so hard looking after husband and kids, and don't make the same time for looking after you. They should realise that and give you the support you need, not the cheap digs.

You can be a good example for your daughter - I'm sure you already are! But if you swamp the house with good, healthy foods and get everyone eating the same good things then it's going to make life easier for you and give your daughter a healthier future too. If you can make that lifestyle change and get the whole family on board, then it stops being a diet and is just the way you're going to eat, and eat well, for life.

By the way... I don't think sexy has much connection to weight. Ask any man out there, most will prefer the size 16 to the size 8. But beyond that, it's all about confidence, I think. How you carry yourself. You're a beautiful woman - your avatar is gorgeous! So just remember that whatever size you are, it doesn't stop you being sexy. And as you feel more in control with a healthy eating regime, that confidence has to increase!


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I've been off work for a week and I'm scared to go back 'cause I don't think my clothes will fit! I'm in a bad place..mentally
I thought I was the only one who thought like this...!!!

You do look stunning xx Chuck out the old man and get a strapping male model :p only joking xx Men have their problems too and mine looks like Mr Greedy from the side...

MEN and their comments make me so mad. Last Friday I was out with the girls and this bloke was chatting me up wanted my phone number etc... I thought I've pulled despite my weight lol Then I over heard him saying to my friend on second thoughts nah I don't fancy her... now this is all very well I don't fancy him either he was no Brad Pit!!! He had a massive gut, funny teeth and chin and some funny blotches up his legs.... me being me I went off thinking he didn't fancy me cus I'm a fatty, turned thinner, recovering fatty and anything that is wrong in my life goes back to the fat :(

men :sigh:


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Hun do it for yourself :)
It was my mum back in January who made me cry when i told her i had put on a stone since meeting my bf and her response was..."Yes i can tell!" I went out the room crying, did not talk to her until the following day and here now 6 and half months later i have lost the weight i have.
Sometimes the negative comments put me down so much it made me wanna give up dietin but in a way it made me think well if she thinks like that i must be horrid to look at. I was so upset and got it into my head i dnt wanna be like this anymore. Those comments from your husband arent nice BUT think of it as something for you to do for youself...i hope that made sense?


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^ I over heard a friend describing me to someone yesterday she said 'oh she's like Emma' now Emma is 22stone :( not that I wish to make a derogatory statement about Emma, but it shows that I'm still considered fat :( Maybe she meant in personality but I doubt it.

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