Soup : Bowl or Mug??


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How do you prefer to eat your soup? bowl or mug?

I eat the same flavour soup twice a day - LL thai chilli. I am always very clear on how i want to eat it - bowl or mug, depending on my mood i will always go for one or t'other. I'm just making mine in a bowl at the moment - but yesterday it HAD to be a mug!!! Strange eh?! It changes constantly!

How do you eat yours?
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In a mug - used to be a bowl, but takes too long with all the running around I do!! :p If I have the time, I have them as crisps! :D


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If I Want to take my time it is a bowl and if in a hurry a Mug:D


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I'm also really fussy about the spoon i eat it with too... i had to go out and buy soup spoons especially, and i only have black pepper with it in a bowl but never in a mug!


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Ditto. Also if I'm on my own in a mug - with family or friends often in a bowl!

Snap - on my own at lunchtime I have it in a mug, if I'm having later on with the rest of the family, I have it in a bowl.


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mug with a spoon to make a slurp noise !!


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Soup + PH = thick soup in a bowl! :D


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I always had mine in a oversized mug with a long handled spoon in for the odd spoonful. Always took the particular mug and spoon with me wherever I went.

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Ohh defo always in a mug and always the same one...however that one got broken the other day now i always have it outta my big starbucks mug...


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Yes its strange I have never had soup in a mug with a spoon until I started LL but that's how I have mine and never deviate ! I think being so flipping cold most of the time that it's about holding the hot mug.