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soup question?


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I had the chilli one today and I have to say I wasn't impressed lol. Really wanted to be sick but it did feel good to sit down with a bowl and a spoon and feel as though I was having something to eat. I'm hoping the others taste nicer. Will let you know! xx
I am only on day 2 and had vegetable yesterday and chicken and mushroom today. Both tasted exactly the same but were nice. Im wary of trying others as did lighterlife and didnt like the taste of others. Love choc mint shake tho.
Chicken and mushroom, veg and oriental are the ones I found palatable, tomato should come with a health warning, if you get past the smell then you are brave :D I dont like Mushroom found it a bit too much, Cheese and Broc actually isnt that bad, more broc than cheese, its the colour thats a bit off putting :p and leek and potato has yet to go past my lips!!


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i love leek and potato soup (heinz of course) or homemade!
but i doubt very much that the CD soup has huge lumps of potato and leek in does it? lol
I've found them all edible - vegetable has probably been my favourite so far and chicken & mushroom my least favourite because it repeats on me a bit.

They've been great to take round my in-laws when we go there for a meal - at least I can join them at the table and eat something, rather than just sit there drinking a shake. :) I make them with a bit more water so they last a bit longer


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aww thanks :D
All the soups can be greatly improved by cooking them on the hob. Put the powder in a beaker you can seal and add 125ml of water, shake for 45 secs until most of the powder has dissolved, then pour into a saucepan, then add 200 - 250 ml water and shake again, this will clean the beaker. Add to the contents of the saucepan then heat GENTLY
soup contd

...until foam starts to appear around edge of saucepan. Turn off, add pepper and tabasco if wanted...delish :)

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