Soup yes or no???


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Soup is ok its just not something I enjoy. But you must try it to judge for yourself. I enjoy vanilla hot with coffee to keep me warm.:)


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Hiya Dal!

Hope your doing good!

Personnally I loved the Chicken soup!!!

I had it every night and added a pinch of pepper
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Offically the chemists will say not to add any salt, pepper etc. But I did and I know lots of people that did and it did not affect weight loss.

I added curry powder, cumin powder, cayene pepper, paprika, white pepper, parsely and anything else that was in my cupboard! lol

I also made it with double water... it lasted longer and I liked it better!

Have an open mind, and if you dont like it tonight, try it again in a week or 2.

When i first tried it I gagged, but then I loved it after a while!!



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yep i liked it 2
i know u not allowed put anything in it but i put pepper in it



I will be skinny again!!!
S: 20st7lb C: 17st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 3st5lb(16.38%)
I would just put pepper in but just a teeny bit!


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Chicken Soup - yummy :D


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I didn't mind the soup was nice and warming. It tastes better with abit of pepper.


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thanks all, looks like im having it with pepper and may stock up on the others that u had (thefutureisbright)


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mmm i also gagged when i had the soup lol its horrid lol.
Hope you enjoy though x

mrs bee

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Yeah I used to like it, with a pinch of chilli, not had it this time but may do tonight as I'm so so cold!


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Yes I like the soup and have one a day. I make it with 500ml of hot water...whizz it so that there are no lumps YUK!

I never put anything at all in any of my shakes...keep them as they should be...I know others have done and it hasnt affected them, but knowing my body, I would be the ONE person that it would affect and I wasnt willing to take that risk!!

It is nice and warming and just nice on a cold night like this.

Let us know what you though of it though.


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Yes I like the soup and have one a day. I make it with 500ml of hot water...whizz it so that there are no lumps YUK!

Why didn't i think of that? The lumps were what made me gag the one time i tried it!
Also i am in a position to try it again if i want as i have an extra shake left over from last oct. But i was wondering what do you do if you try the soup, a flapjack, or even a flavour of shake and you can't drink/eat it as it's that bad? Do you miss that meal?
Or am i being too anal on not getting your new supplies a day early?:D NEVER
Routine i couldn't live without it!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Ok, just had 1st soup on re start, how come I liked it before and now, I'm really not liking it?!!

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I love the chicken soup and have it every night for my dinner. Have also tried it with a pinch of chilli flakes in it to give it a bit of spice. Good luck with your weight loss. xx


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I did like the soup at first but because I'm not really hot drinks person sort of gave up on it to go back to the chocolate. However, saying that I am not a hot drinks person - I had my first Hot Choc tonight and it was delish :D


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i have had shakes all week so i thought i wud give the chicken soup a try. was worried about it after the bad comments but i thought it was luvly!im more of a savoury person an thought this has more taste than the felt like a real treat!!

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For me the soup has just been too yeuchy. Hate,hate,hate it!!!! I tried it several times but still cannot face it. Give me a yeuchy flapjack anyday!


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250ml hot water with soup- in the blender on a low pulse any more it all comes out lumps then!
then i add the soup to a pan and 250mls more water and heat
with a pinch of sage and pepper mm