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Strutting her stuff
There's a recipe folder where I'm sure you'll find some ideas or you can ask for specific recipes. Alternatively visit the bbc good food website for lots of recipes that can be made SW friendly.


Strutting her stuff
If you go back to the main Slimming World page and then go to the top of the screen - above the list of the threads and the sticky threads you'll find a number of sub-forums - diaries, syn values, eating out and recipes. There is a search function towards the top right hand side where you can search for any mentions of soup.

Hope that helps. x


soon to be skinny minnie
2 ham stock cubes
a bag of carrots
a small turnip
a leak
an onion
bag of lentils

boil all the above then blend to suit. This is my fav soup recipe, and i use it all the time. Hope this helps x


Vegetarian who lives2eat

tin of sweetcorn
2lb spuds
2 onions
half pint milk
half pint water(add more if needed)
salt n pepper

boil everthing together, whizz but leave a bit chunky.



Mad old Bat with Attitude
You can get red lentils , very cheaply, near to the stock cubes usually, there are also green ones, and my favourite lentilles verts which are the same as puy lentils. Try split peas too (yellow or green) and use them the same way. I usually use 4oz for 2 of us, use 2 stock cubes, onion carrot celery sometimes green beans, you can spice it up if you want. I have a pressure cooker so red lentil soup is ready in 8 mins, I suppose it will take about 25-30 in a saucepan. Split peas take 20 mins so probably 45 mins on the stove.
Just be aware that you will be very windy after them!
red lentils are lovely!! I would weigh them before adding them to soups or casseroles, not because you have to, but because they don't look much when you add them but soon swell up when cooking!!

Puy lentils are great for salads or as a side dish as they start quite firm after cooking unlike red ones which go all nice and soft!
What do puy lentils taste of? I keep seeing them in recipes and on telly etc but they just look a disgusting colour and put me off. I love the red etc lentils in soups its just these puy lentils look a bit strange to me.
They taste quite nutty. I love them, I guess they are a bit of an aquired taste but I cook them then add them to sauted onions, garlic and mushrooms and they make a gorgeous side dish.

Very different to red lentils though!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Do you mean just doing mash? It tells you not to do them in a food processor as it makes them gluey. I do them in the kenwood with the K beater, tho I was looking at a potato ricer in Lakeland.
I love soup. It's so easy to make.

Leek and potato.
1 leek.
2 potatoes.
1 onion.
1 rasher of bacon.
2 veg oxo cubes.
Place everything into a pan, cook until soft. Blitz with a blender. Season and serve.

Beef and Veg.
1 handful of red lentils.
1 handful of green lentils.
1 handful of split peas.
1 handful of pearl barley.
1 onion.
1 potato.
1 carrot.
1 handful of peas.
2 beef oxo cubes.
chop all the veggies up. Place everything into a pan. Cook until soft about 30 minutes. Blitz, season and serve.

Tomato soup.
1 large punnet of toms.
1 onion.
1 carrot.
1 handful of lentils.
2 chicken oxo cubes.
* Basil optional.
Place everything into a pan. Cook for 30 minutes. Blitz and season with S and P.

Red pepper and feta soup.
1 sweet red pepper.
1 red pepper - or a selection of red, orange and yellow ones.
1 onion.
1 carrot.
* optional red lentils.
* optional try different herbs for different flavours. Cumin, chilli flakes, mixed herbs etc.
Place everything into a pan. Cook until soft and then blitz.
Crumble 14g of feta cheese (reduced fat) into each bowl just before serving. Yum yum.

Mushroom soup.
1 large punnet of mushrooms.
1 onion.
4 potatoes.
1 pack of bacon - fat removed.
2 beef oxo cubes.
Chop everything up and place in a pan. Cook for 30 minutes. Blitz and serve. Very yummy and an old family recipe. :D


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