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all tastes rae different, I loved chick and mushroom at first, now I dont like it, I hated veg and now I love it!!

Spicy tomato is evil, but then again, icemoose loves it!!!

Try em and see!!
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Hi Gilly

I have tried all but the Brocolli and Cheese and have to say I don't mind any of them although I do know that some of the gang dislike all the soups. Its all down to personal preference so give them a try. My favourites and vegetable, mushroom and chicken & mushroom with lashings of black pepper.



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i think what put me off was that the oriental chilli was still powder colour, and then the broccoli and cheese was green i wasnt expecting that for some reason , but both made me feel ill, so threw them away, tomorrow i will try chicken and mushroom
Hi, i think its trial and error! i love chick and mushroom, but its the only one i can stomach! I tried spicy tomato and i found it really sweet?? quite a strange taste really! not keen on any others. I think you just have to give them ago as you might really enjoy them x
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Thanks everyone

I want to try them as i really do like soup, brocolli and cheese just sounds wrong so will give that a miss i think i'll try the vegetable or the chicken and mushroom

Is it right that you can have 2 of these a day on top of your shakes?


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Chicken and mushroom, not bad, liked the tomato one at first, went off it after a week. I love the veg, in fact i have 2 veg soups a day and even after 7 weeks i'm not fed up of them yet :D
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Hi Gilly

You can have 3 packets in total in whatever combination you like so if you prefer two soups and one shake go for it. I think there is a rule that if you are over 5ft 8 you have four packets a day.

Hiya Gill hows your first day gone?
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Hi Nina

Where have you been lol

Its been okay, not as hard as i thought although about 5 mins ago i just felt i had to nibble something so had a tiny piece of cheese:cry:, i know it was wrong and i didn't need it and fel really bad, i'm not even that keen on it, but it was the only thing all day so that's not bad, won't fall in that trap tomorrow.

How has your day been?
Aww don't worry Gill its only a tiny blip and you've done fantastic all the rest of the day!!!!

Mines been trying today, been a horrid naggy day at work and my tummy was grumbling all day but the good thing was 1 of the women i was on the duty desk with has also started the diet so we were comparing hunger pangs lol have managed to drink 4 litres of water so far though. and then to make matters worse it's my last day at placement tomorrow and it's tradition to take cream cakes in so ive just been to asda and bought a load of cream cakes arghhh it was torture i dont even eat cream cakes but they look so yummy lol
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I'm not that keen on cheese but just had to have some, NO MORE!!

I'm still drinking water but have just put a bit of squash in to make it less boring, its sooo much better.

Sounds like a pants day for you, i'm sure tomorrow will be better, just avoid the cakes
I intend to Gill its weird i feel all sickly and bloated but my stomach's grumbling away lol.

Be careful with the squash hun, dont wanna kick yourself out of ketosis before you get in it.


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I have given up on the soups over the last few weeks, the relatively warmer weather and the yukky taste has pushed me to 2 shakes a day.


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I couldnt stomach any of the soups, most of all the oriental chilli ... oh my goodness, Eewwww!! Not my taste at all. I live on choc tetras and bars now, very happy and never ever want to try a soup again. lol
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I love Oriental Chilli , its whats kept me going with lots of tabasco and black pepper!
I have tried to use the soups as I dont want to eat exclusively sweet things as I think iut might make me crave sweet stuff when I go back to eating again.
But what ever gets you through Babe

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