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I don't know any recipes!

But I just have lots of Zero point veg! Chop it up, cook, add some chopped tomatoes and blend! Taste yum everytime!

Hope you get a good recipe!


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Yeah i was gonna say that but add different herbs and spices even if you don't think it "matches" the veg . The best meals are caused accidentaly !x


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Try going to the bbc good food magazine website and looking at soup recipes. There are loads on there and u can filter by low calorie if u want to. Because they are all from scratch you can easily work out the points value and adapt as needed. I have done some yummy ones from there. Roasted red pepper and tomato is a favourite!!


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I'm back on the wagon after Christmas so made some veg soup/broth tonight and it's yum.

Sainsbury's do a winter veg pack for £1 with onion, leek, turnip and carrots, I added all that, and 120g of country soup mix (which has lentils and barley etc), 2 ham stock cubes, water, salt and pepper and that's it! Cost about £1.50 for 4 portions - 1 pp per portion and it's really filling!



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I did 3 soups last night and they were really nice
Carrot and corriander
Loads of carrots and corriander easy !
Red pepper and tomato
Red peppers
Fresh toms
Fresh ginger
Fresh chilli
Then i halved the ingredients and added passata basil and Italian dried herbs to the last lot . Surprisingly even though they were mostly the same ingredients by adding a few different herbs they tasted very different x


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Another soup I've done .
Roasted tomato soup
1large onion
1-2 garlic cloves
900g/2lb tomato's
1red pepper
4 carrots
Pint of veg stock
2tbsp olive oil optional
Heat oven at gas mark 6 throw in a large roasting tin onion garlic toms pepper carrots and optionally oil . Add black pepper and roast for 40 mins .
Pour over veg stock and stir. scrape the bottom of the roasting tin to release the scorched veg juices.
Then.transfer to the blender !


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I'm back on WW as of 2 days ago.
I've got a pot of low point soup on the boil right now.
3 carrots (grate 2 and chop 1)
1 red onion (chopped)
1 veg stock cube
5 teaspoons of country soup mix (which has barley, peas and lentils)
Add about 1.5pts of boiling water and let it simmer for a few hours.

yummy and about 1ProPoint at the most. It would be zero without the barley mix