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Is there a way to prepare the chicken soup so that it is actually................er............. edible??? Don't know what I did wrong tonight but it was full of lumps and sort of separated. I started by mixing it to a paste with a bit of water then adding boiling water out of the kettle. Should I be making it with cold water then gently heating it? Don't think I could face another one tasting like the last one.. and I am only on day 1! Not fazed though but will definitely be in bed by 9 as, other than eat (and i am starving) I don't know what to do with myself lol.
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I simpy put water in then the soup then 1 tsp of paprika 1/2 tsp of hot chilli powder some ground pepper then blitz with a hand blender for 20 seconds I then pour into a 3/4 litre bowl and top up with hot water and a further sprinkling of pepper or cheyenne pepper.................. Beautiful:) x


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Personally hun i would go to the chemist first thing 9AM tomorrow morning and swap them!! xxxx


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im on my first day of restarting and starting to feel a little peckish but ive still got 1 shake left ,in the first couple of days id say it is best to spread them out a bit i had one at 11 second at 4.30 and i'll have the last one about 8.30 it does help and so does the water i'm on my fifth litre now as for the soup its better to make it with boiling water then use a hand blender it is an aquired taste a bit like marmite you ever love it or hate it good luck for tommorow xx
Thanks for the replies - I suppose it is just a bit of trial and error. Where can I get a list of any free foods - condiments/drinks ect that I am allowed whilst following LP?
Thanks again everyone x


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you cant really have anything other than the shakes and water pepper seems ok in the soup and peppermint tea in the shakes is fine all the other things have been found out by trial and error if i was you id wait til your inketosis before adding anything xx


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I think i would be now if i had it again!


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The way coccinella described the lumps did make me gag. Reminded me of a time i had to have one at work and i didnt get all the lumps out and was drinking the lumps.... just gagged again!


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Personally hun i would go to the chemist first thing 9AM tomorrow morning and swap them!! xxxx
You read my mind Tracy LOL,Horrible stuff

Tracy,just looked at your before photo and i have the same apron lol miss sexy santa lol although i didnt look sexy in it on xmas day lol.
If i loose the weight ill wear it bloody naked this xmas LOL

Urgh no! i did that once too and just had to throw it way, i can taste the powder now!!!


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Ugh. I kept drinking it with all the lumps. It was the most disgusting thing i have ever forced myself to have. Scarred me for life! It deffinately makes you drink water though, i got through about 2ltrs trying to wash it down
Lol Vic i felt pretty sexy in mine!! I look now and think good god! I might wear mine naked too next xmas hun lol xx

Lizzie the soup put me off water, off everything in fact because it just repeated on me all day!! x
Hahaha he has got us before lol x


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im completly with you both though soup is rank thought about trying the crisps though xx
Yeah but they ant change the taste can they?
Lol lizzie
Lol hahaha might give the frozen choc shake a go though! Garry said it was like the middle of a feast ice lolly! mmmmm x

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