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Soya bran...it's great


Read about Soya Bran recently.

Bought some from Holland & Barratt. 65p for 250g

I wanted a fibre alternative to psyllium husks that I hate & wheat bran that I dislike.

I dislike the taste of wheat bran & it's stick-in-the-mouth hard to disguise texture. Also I'm trying to stay in or near to ketosis at present & wheat bran has quite a high Carb content.

The soya bran is MUCH nicer. It is slighlty sweet tasting, mildly nutty & quite pleasant in the mouth.
I believe it is partially soluble so that would make it easier to take.

Best of all it has 1/3 more fibre weight for weight than wheat bran (60g/100g soya cf 45g/100gwheat)
Virtually the same protein content.
Between 1/3 & 1/2 the carb content. sorry can't remember offhand. Pack is in the kitchen & I'm in bed.

I've put it in CD shakes for a pleasant thickener which doesn't suck the flavour out like psyllium does.
I put some in flavoured water for a joke. It looked pretty grim but also was palatable.
tried some tonight in a CDoriental chilli Soup. Slight thickening effect but no detrimental effect on flavour.
Y'day had the soya bran & mix-a-mousse in a shake for pudding. again fine.

as soon as i get a stew-making bug I'll try it as a way of adding fibre & thickening the sauce & see if the brats ( sorry Children) notice anything. My youngest is not agood fruit & veg man & gets 'stiff poos' so it might be ggod for him. I can tell from experience that wheat bran in stews is not a happy mix. flavour & texture marred.

will update on any further research findings. also on how it contributes to my being in ketosis or not. I'm currntly doing a slightly flexible CD 790/1000 cal plan. So am sometimes in & sometime out of ketosis. Can't comment on whether the extra carb would tip me out of ketosis if i were Ssing cos I'm not.

PLEASE. anyone else had any experience of using Soya Bran?
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Be interested to hear more about this Jane and how it all goes, always good to have something else to recommend to people as constipation can be quite a problem on a VLCD and not everyone likes PH's - can't stand the stuff myself.


Thanks Margaret.
i never got to update this thread, but I carried on usung the soya bran through the summer & didn't go off the pleasant slightly nutty taste or the softy granular texture.

You don't day if your trying to remain in ketosis or not & if the 2 are compatible. I suspect they're not but would love to know.


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Remember that if you can't get soya bran for whatever reason, PH is available in capsule form.

I have used the capsules. Just swallow, and it worked fab.

Nice when you find something new that works though innit :)
Thanks KD Didn't know about the capsules.

I've got the soya stuff in mind to try as a thickener for stews etc.reckon I might be able to up the fibre content of the brats' diets without them noticing, & possibly in salad dressing. wheat bran has such a cloying taste that they can spot it 1 part per billion.
I got fed up with PH. When I stopped SS-ing I kinda forgot all about bran, period!

I think I'll give soya bran a go.
please do come back & record your verdict.
i'm still using it from time to time.still find the taste pleasant,which is the rub. Often something is okfor a while then becomes less & less easy to like over time.
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I know this is an old thread but when I type in soy bran on google this is the only thing that's useful. I just bought some soya bran from Holland and Barrett as I thought it would be a good fibre addition to my porridge in the morning but I made my porridge the normal way this morning. Boiling water mixed with oats and ready brek and a minute in the microwave and it has an uncooked taste with the soya bran.

Has anyone else had any more experiences with soya bran and if so, what do they use it for?
I use it toasted, with aspartame and almond flavouring and add to yogurt on my dukan diet it's lovely. I'm totally hooked.

I also have breaded fish with it by seasoning bran and egg washing the fish. Totally delicious !!!

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