Soya milk syns please!


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Hello! I'm back on Slimming World but on my own, so I need someone with the Syns online access thing to do me a favour.

I'm in love with Vitasoy Coconut flavour soya milk, can be found at any good Chinese supermarket in a light purple package (it tastes so good I'm doing a bit of light advertising)...

anyway, here are the nutritional values, I've forgotten what you need to enter to work out the syns so here it all is:

Serving size - 250ml
Calories - 150
Total fat - 4.5g
Sat. fat - 1.5g
Total carbs - 22g
Fibre - 0g
Sugars -22g
Protein - 5g

Thanks in advance!
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Milk has no free food so is always 1 syn per 20 calories, so that one is 7.5 syns per 250ml.

You can use milk as a HEX obviously, but soya milk has to be calcium-enriched to count as a HEX I think. You get 250ml sweetened calcium-enriched soya milk or 350ml unsweetened calcium-enriched. If that one isn't calcium-enriched I dont think it counts. It also has a LOT of sugar in - 22g per 100g :eek: I dont know of any milk with that amount of sugar in, is that right?

EDIT: Actually from looking at this it doesnt even look like its milk at all but a "soy drink" - so it definitely wont be a HEX, so 1 syn per 20 calories.