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soya milk

Yes. You need to be bold. If you dribble it in it precipitates, if you slosh it in, it doesn't, in my experience. Also Alpro light soya is best for not solidifying.

Also, my OH doesn't add his sweeteners till after the milk goes in - he says that stops it.


Clean green leafy machine
And leave it for a minute before you add the milk - if it cools a bit that seems to help.

Agree on the Alpro, that seems better.
i tried tesco's, it was worse, gone back to alpro, i'll try the light then. i've been putting it in first, i'll try last. i really want to get to grips with this, as i do feel different since stopping using cows milk, can't explain it, but i do think it was perhaps not doing me any favours.

oh, and it doesnt do it in tea, it seems to be the coffe that it disagrees with! (but i'm not keen on tea)


Clean green leafy machine
My google search said it's the acid in the coffee that makes it react.

I'd bought a coffee maker to make lattes with (I love my morning latte) but couldn't get the soya to live up to my dream - but just sold it on eBay for £15 more than it cost, so all good :)
Cream for me yum yum x
your on atkis use cream x
aye i know, but i really like my coffee very strong and not too milky, used to use skimmed milk!

the taste i have started to come to terms with, its really too creamy for me, i don't think i could take cream in coffee...though i just had a lovely cup of cocoa with cream in, yum!
perhaps i should just try to go black, would solve the problem.
I found it curdles less in fresh coffee, not instant stuff. Add a splash of cold water before the milk. If all fails just keep stirring it, it tastes the same curdled or not. I've been using soya for years now, tesco value is my fav.
aye, it s true it doesn't affect the taste.
i find it does it in instant coffee.
i have tried putting different elements in first, the cold water thing, stirring it etc, always happens!
I've never had it curdle before, I didnt even realise it did until I read this thread!
I tend to have half hot and half cold water so that I can drink it straight away so maybe its to do with the boiling hot temperature.
just made some 'proper' coffee, worked fine, so it seems the type of coffee makes a difference.

when i first starting using soya it didn't curdle, but i bought a different coffee this time, taking advantage of a bogof, so perhaps that is the answer, i'll just need to experiment!

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