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Soya Milk


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I'm afraid soya milk is not allowed on attack. On Cruise, however, you can have it as a tolerated item (maxi 15cl per day).

This is why:
Milk - Nonfat (fat free or skim), 1 cup
Calories 86
Carbs 12
Fat 0
Protein 8
Sugar 0

Silk - Light Soy Milk, 1 cup
Calories 60
Carbs 7
Fat 2
Protein 6
Sugar 5

Silk - Soy Milk, 1 cup
Calories 90
Carbs 8
Fat 4
Protein 6
Sugar 6


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The problem with soy milks is that the natural milk sugar (lactose) found in animal milk is replaced with sucrose, fructose or glucose.

Lactose is hard to digest (in fact, it's often the cause of dairy-intolerance!) and also, as it travels through the body, combines with other fats and takes them away with it.

The other sugars - particularly fructose / dextrose / glucose go straight into the bloodstream with startling efficiency (this is how "energy drinks" work!), will cause a spike in insulin, and knock you straight out of ketosis.

There are a few brands of soy drink which are not sweetened - but they are hard to find, and you may not find them as palatable.


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I love it when Atopos talks s*xy!
Thank you - these are the stats for unsweetened soya which is what I usually have

100 ml

Energy 28 kcal
Protein 2.9g
carbohydrates 0.2g
Fat 1.7g
Sugar 0.1g

Is this ok to have?



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As a tolerated in cruise, I'd say... there's fat there, and sugar...


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I checked out some Soy milks in the supermarket this afternoon - Alpro Organic non-sweetened had absolutely no added sugar, so that would be ideal.
Alpro non-organic non-sweetened did have some malto-dextrin, but only a very little.
Im really confused with the Dukan diet in that you say you cannot have Soya Unsweetened milk of which contains 0.1g of sugars, yet skimmed milk contains 5g carbs per 100ml of which 5g are sugars - am I looking at the wrong milk?


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I don't actually know anything about Soya milk etc BUT what about the fat content? You always need to examine every food stuff as a whole collection of values, and not just look at sugar in isolation.

You're looking at carbs total, then there's carbs from sugar (and the soya has 0.1g - PER 100ml? per something else?). Yes normal skimmed milk does have in the region of 5g

And of course there is fat content. It's quite possible the original instruction referred to 'normal' soya milk which will probably be too high in fat.

I seem to recall that soya milk is allowed as a tolerated item, one glass per day.

Let us know what you find out!
I have bad psoriasis so I try not to eat to much dairy, of course with this diet you end up eating an awful lot of it. I use the alpro unsweetened milk and sometimes the regular one as well as the youghurt. I have been loosing weight consistently so far since started but I am aware that I might have to stop this if my weight stalls.
i can't have dairy as i am intolorant to it i have always used unsweetened soya milk on this diet from the beginning, sometimes alpro but often supermarkets own brand and i lost 9lbs in five days on attack
I have used unsweetened soya milk and yoghurt for ages now and I have lost weight with it. I decided it was better to tweak the diet a wee bit rather than give up.
although it is best to stick to whatever diet you are on as much as possible, most diets will let you tweak a little bit. (unless you are the type of person who would go wild if you do any alterrations)
I would say to check the nutritional value tables carefully though - like Atropos said about the Alpro Organic and non-Organic unsweetened soya being different! I use a brand called So-Jade that I get in my local Orginic/wholefood shop as after lots of comparisons I personally think this one is best for Dukan.

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