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spag bol

you could make your own which would be syn free, tinned tomatos, mushrooms, onion, chilli powder and garlic, is yummy and as good as any of the shop bought sauces if that helps at all :)
I agree. I just bung in a tin of chopped tomatoes, spices, onions and mushrooms


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I use extra lean mince, I drain it off and add boiling water. I then add an oxo cube and mixed herbs. I add chopped onion, mushrooms, red and yellow pepper and a tin of tomatoes in garlic. (I also add an adsa minestrone simmer soup but that's about 6 syns a packet)


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Snap!!! Although I add a tbsp of tomato puree for 1 syn (between 3 portions) and a little sweetener as it brings out the tomato flavour.


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I'm a lazy girl who needs loads of flavour... bad combo, I know, but I find that you get a really delicious sauce when you cook your veggies very slowly and let them break down and release all their sweet lusciousness. Start off with loads of chopped onions, leeks, garlic, plum tomatoes and even some carrots if you like, all bunged in a Very Large frying pan. No need for even low cal spray oil. Just stick in enough boiling water to cover them, with an optional spoon of vegetable bouillon powder for extra oomph. Then let them simmer on a low heat for around 2 hours or more or until the water has evaporated and you have something approaching a thick and gorgeous vegetable jam. You can use it on its own as a pasta sauce and it's lush! But for spag bol all you need to do is brown your mince in small batches in another pan (the small batches helps it brown rather than steam - so you get more flavour) then add it to the veggie jam with an optional carton of tomato passata for a looser sauce, if you like. Add some oregano and basil and let it all simmer together for a bit and you have a spag bol sauce to knock the socks off all others! :p


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Ok, here's my recipe.

Lean mince, brown it off and strain away any liquid. Add some water, steak seasoning, tsp beef bovril, worcester sauce, carrots, onions, garlic, condensed tom puree and italian seasoning. Simmer until nearly all water has reduced. Add tinned toms,heat up and then switch off and leave overnight. I think Spag Bol always tastes better the next day. The flavours have developed and taste better.


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And if you have wholewheat spaghetti, it can be used to make lovely cold "noodle" salads!

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