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Spain free and low syn foods.

I thought I would start the list for Spain. I hope the other folks here add to it.

Free Yogurt..........Mercadona's own brand La Pasteleria. Delicious flavours.
Lidl............. Sesame Seed Crisp Breads....free as an HEXB.

All the Iceland products that are free in the U.K. are also free here as they are imported and not produced for the Spanish Market.
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Brilliant idea. I am glad about the Lidl crispbreads as I like them. Will get some of those Yoghurts too as I have been buying Activa fat free and they are not cheap!!.
Im afraid I don't know any more as only been on for a week so just been sticking to fresh meat and fruit and veg or the English shops. Iceland should be here in April they say...but being Spain, what year I don't know!
yep, should be there in april, hubby put in for a transfer, in torrevieja at the moment :D:D might become neighbours lol!!

I don't know any yet either, also week one, will defo post when I do though, great thread!!
Wow Linton, that is brilliant for us. I am really pleased. So will a lot of my friends :) Does your husband have to be fluent in Spanish to work there? I could do with a part time job but even though Im OK I am not brilliant at Spanish..


Loves living in the sun
Can anyone living in Spain tell me what the equivalent to framage frais is here. That might sound stupid, but I can only find queso fresco which is more like quark to me!

I tend to shop in Mercadona and Consum

Can anyone living in Spain tell me what the equivalent to framage frais is here. That might sound stupid, but I can only find queso fresco which is more like quark to me!

I tend to shop in Mercadona and Consum

0% Fat Fromage Frei is sold in Mercadona.

Glad to see so many people here in Spain.

Nicki, you do not need any Spanish to work in Iceland. Look on the website OVERSEAS.ES and I think you will find a job application form.

Cheers everyone.
Hi Sue brill idea are the yoghurts the ones with the bits of pie in them hope they are free but i told that they are 3 syns each please please let them be free they are so nice
No, they are free. I posted the ingredients on here and some of the clever and helpful ladies worked it out for me. I eat at least 2 a day. The the caramelised apple pie one is wicked !!!

Mercadona also do a sugar free jam. I will look at it tomorrow and the syn value is so low it is hardly worth counting.

Iceland's sliced lamb in mint gravy is another free one and soooooo good. I think I have posted that before somewhere.

If you want any foods or their ingredients translating just post it here and I will be only too happy to help.
yip, bought some of those yoghurts in mercadona today.

nicki, fillymum correct, don't need to speak spanish and advertising on that website at the moment for staff for the vera store near you, good luck!!

Lidl mexican rice 2 1/2 ee and green, 11 1/2 on red

Off to mercadona tomorrow for some of those yoghurt's :) They sound yummy, never had them before. Also the jam would be good to know as I miss that at the moment. I will have a look around to see what I can see that might be no or low syns and post them here to see if we can work it out :)
Thanks for the Mexican rice - I've been counting them as free on Green :eek:

But fillymum is wrong - the lemon tart yoghurt rocks the socks off the caramelized apple :rotflmao: And I'm glad I'm not the only one digging into two a day. Good call on the Lidl "ryvita" too. It goes a little soggy if you leave quark on it too long, but that isn't a problem I have very often as I scoff it down.

My local mercadona doesn't do fromage frais, but the superstore Alcampo does - and a strawberry Quark too.
Hi Harrie. Great to see you here. I wondered how long it would be before you "found" us.

I haven't seen an Alcampo Supermarket in this part of Spain but will look on their website to see if there is one.

Thanks for the info on the Strawberry Quark. I wonder does Aldi do it ??
Just had a lemon tart yoghurt and it was delish. So nice to have something when I fancy something sweet. Going to try the apple this afternoon ;) Thanks so much for that info. I would never of thought of buying them :)
Great News !!! Have found Queso Fresco Batido desnatado 0% fat in Mercadona, just 1.40€ for a large tub.

Translated it literally means Fresh Cheese Beaten. It is only 46 calories in 100 grams so even if you have to syn it is is very. I do not think it needs syning and will find out and post here.
It is great with a bit of sweetener to pour over strawberries ( in the shops now ladies ) in a pasta sauce, to add to soup to make it a cream of whatever, as a dip with a tsp of mint or sweet chili or branston, on ryvitas with sugar free jam. Lots of uses.

Also in our Iceland Crosse & Blackwell baked beans , a pack of 4 for 1.35€. I also found a jar of weight-watchers sugar free orange jam for 40 cent. I will not tell you about the Cadbury chocolate biscuits buy one get one free that I bought for Paul lol !!! Honest they are for Paul.

O.k. guapa's . Todo bien ???
The first strawberries of the season are amazing. The flavour is immense.

I think it is strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner for me.
Well, not been too well the last few days. really bad sore throat and fever started Friday. We then had visitors yesterday round for a curry but I must of done something right, even with the popadoms and chutneys as I lost 4lb this week :) Very pleased as I only really have a few more pounds to go. Off to market this morning for lots of fresh veg and more strawberries Yummy!!!

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