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Hey Guys!

Well since I am running my own group now (Kindle Kick-Start) I thought I would also start my own Diary.

My Start Weight is 224lbs which I have to admit I am really down about but I know I can make a change!

Rather than bottle it all up I thought a Diary would be a good place to let it out and with some hope get some support from you fine people :)

Don't get me wrong, I am hoping for some great and positive entries too! And I am sure I will be able to post some!

Quite proud of myself today! I had to get some kitty food from my local shop, And I thought I'd get a drink for my walk home but rather than my usual can of cola I went for a bottle of water and have to say I really enjoyed it!

Bought some dilute juice as well so I can use the water bottle to carry juice on me instead of fizzy drinks(saving money and calories)

I have decided to replace my naughty snacks(chocolate) for Cuppa Soups!
350+ Calories down to 70! Sounds like a good deal for me!

But I am also noticing that I am questioning "Do I really want food" before I actually eat now! Trying to quit the habit of eating for sake of it!

And when I do make meals I am gonna stand a moment and think "Do I need all that" so smaller portions instead of taking on the plate challenge I will just eat what I need.

My Kindle is also helping a lot! When I am bored I tend to snack, but with my Kindle when I am bored I read instead :D

Trying to take on a much more positive attitude towards weight loss! I have even set my Stair Stepper machine up! It's difficult to do as after 5 mins on high it hurt my knees so rather than give up I bought some gel to reduce pain :)

Also gonna use my wii fit a lot more! I have avoided it til now cause it seems too much like pressure to lose weight NOW NOW NOW but NO! I am gonna enjoy the games for the games and the weight loss will be a benefit!
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Hi lightning :)

I also am finding myself asking 'do I actually want food' food for me is a bad habit, if it was there I'd eat it. If I bought a chocolate cheesecake I'd eat the chocolate cheesecake. I'd snack on chocolate every day! I'm finding keeping a diary helps alot. Somewhere to vent, to record feelings, keeping a food diary helps me too. Good luck xxxx