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Sparkle has lost her sparkle

Morning all,

Been taking Xen for nearly a week (first weigh in on Sunday) and i have woken up this morning with bad stomach ache and feel really drained.

Last night for tea the girls had pizza and popcorn chicken (which my god the smell was amazing!) i had a chicken kebab which is just a chicken breast cooked on a grill with salad, so i dont think its that.

I do have problems with acid in my stomach and this morning i've had to take one of my proton pumps (which i hate taking coz they bloat me :cry:).

Anyone else feel the same in their first week?

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Oops sorry I caught send! What I was going to say is that I get really bloated, normally the days I haven't had as much fruit & veg or have eaten White bread. Stick at it & you'll see the results. Hope you feel better soon xx
I get bloated too so I take aloe Vera juice 25 ml morning and night.. Is fantastic! Keeps me regular and stops the bloating

I get it from health food shop

Google it and read all about it
Thanks guys! i am sticking with it though and will get through it but must admit i've been bloated all weekend! i've tried tons of water but nothing seems to be working. I think its the break i must have eaten and then on Friday whilst in a drunken stupor i had two little brown crispy bread buns! oops although didnt have any button on them just lemon curd (which is surprisingly low fat!) and this morning i've woke up feeling the same, so i'm thinking its defo the bread.

Hope everyone is fine and had good weekends?

Do you know i really must read my posts before i send them!! pretty poor for a legal secretary!!!

Well i weighed in this morning and lost the grand total of nothing! however i am so bloated and uncomfortable that I'm going to leave it till Wednesday to try weighing in again. My body seriously doesnt like bread!! I know i've lost weight as my trousers are pretty lose (until i eat something then i'm all bloated!), its seriously getting on my nerves now!!

But i'm not going to let it get me down and to be honest i'd prefer to wait till i go back to the doctors to get weighed. I know i've stuck to my calories between 1,200 - 1,400 a day as i've wrote it all down (even the alcohol and sneaky bread at 2 in the morning!). Chin up and all that!!
Def try some sennakot for the bloating, as a temporary relief.. As I think I said aloe Vera is very good for bloating, puffyness and keeping you regular :)

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