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  1. SparkleEyes

    SparkleEyes Member

    Hi everyone.

    I started off beginning of January this year at 364lbs .. which is 26 stone.. now for someone my age , that is not good!!!

    So i made it my resolution to lose the weight, get back the body i once loved ( i used to be a size 10... beginning of this year i was 30/32) .. and start enjoying my life and looking forward to years to come, not worryin about how long I have left before i suffer from a heart attack or something.

    With me being tall .. 5ft10/11 .. I dont look it with being the size that I am.
    So my goal for my 22nd birthday (which is august) is to be a 5ft10/11 curvy, toned goddess!!

    So far this past month, i invested in a comemrcial treadmill (like what you see at the gyms) it took weeks before Xmas to find one for a decent price that could carry my weight. And since it arrived on 3rd Jan, ive spent 30 mins a day using it.

    The aches and pains and healthy eating aided with Slim Fast meal replacement & bars have paid off!!!

    Im now currently 25 stone 2lbs. With an already flatter looking stomach, semi toned calves and thighs. And so much energy its unbelievable!!

    Last night I even managed to RUN! something i havent been able to do for about 2 years! And it felt good, i felt like i now have the will power and strength to reach my goal and be happy :)

    I will update this diary either week by week, or every two weeks and let you all know my progress!!
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  3. CuddlePaws

    CuddlePaws Full Member

    Well it sounds like you are off to a great start, hope to hear how you progress on your healthier and happier journey this year. Best wishes and keep us posted :)
  4. adele4415

    adele4415 Full Member

    Well done, i know what you mean re: running, i find it difficult to run for long periods of time.

    A tip with your treadmill, i looked into something called interval training and it's supposed to be the fastest cardio method of burning fat, you basically do short bursts of high intensity training, then decrease it, eg: a minute of running quite fast, and then 2 minutes of walking, and so on and so on

    if you don't want to run you could walk very fast for a minute, then walk slowly for two minutes!! it also, apparantley, helps to keep your metabolism up as your body is constantly changing what it's doing thus it can't find the most efficient way to burn fat, which is when you start not to burn as much..hope that makes sense haha

  5. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Keep going, you sound full of determination and strength.
  6. SparkleEyes

    SparkleEyes Member

    thanks everyone :) and adele i will try that one out tonight! see how i get on :D

    no further weight loss since last week :( i have been away with work for the past 6 days and havent been able to exercise, i have eaten moderatley healthy tough... but this week im back to my normal routine . i will keep you updated :D
  7. SparkleEyes

    SparkleEyes Member

    Its been a while since ive been on here and updated my progress.

    Last time i was here, i was 352lbs ... just writing today to tell you all that im now 333lbs!! :D The weight is shifting really slowly, but Its just been through healthy eating and hardly no exercise (bad i know i let myself slip there) but im back on the treadmill and weights and hopefully the weight will continue to shift and i will tone up!
  8. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    It's the tend that counts, not the time it takes and your trend is definately downwards. Keep it up, you will get there!

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