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Sparkles Food Diary


I found it really useful yesterday to get some feedback on my daily food intake and so I thought I would start a diary in the hope that I could get some more feedback as I settle into the plan.

I aimed for an EE day yesterday but I think it turned out to be a green day here's what I ate:

Breakfast: two weetabix + 125ml semi-skimmed milk.

Lunch: Jacket potato and beans, mullerlite.

Snack: Grapes

Dinner: 100g pork, dry roasted peppers, onions, fennel, sweet potato wedges, tomatoes.

Snack: Celery and a pear

Drinks: water, black coffee, tea with some more of my HexA allowance milk.
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I am still not really sure what day I am having today but I think that once again it is turning out green. Today I have eaten:

Breakfast: Mullerlight Madarin and a banana

Lunch: Chicken mugshot and a salad made from lettuce, pepper, celery and red onion.

Snack: Pear and a satsuma

I got home from work and felt quite hungry and so I made a jacket potato scooped out the flesh and mixed it with a HexA potion of cheese before popping under the grill. I think that I am allowed to have this but I am regreting it now. I was thinking that I would have some chicken and veg later but not sure I should be having another meal??

Drinks have been: black coffee, water, diet coke and lilt zero.

I still need a HexB and was thinking about having some alpen lights or maybe a weetabix with a little bit of milk which I don't think I would need to syn if it was truely a green day?

Any help or thoughts would be greatfully received!!
Still looking for any feedback if you have any!! Yesterday I definitely had a green day :):

Breakfast: Mullerlight and a Banana

Lunch: Jacket potato and beans with a nice big salad

Snack: Pear

Dinner: 110g chicken coated in chicken bovril and spices, sweet potato wedges, balsamic roasted pepper, onion, garlic and tomatos with 1tbsp creme fraiche (1.5 syns)

Drinks (this is where it goes a bit downhill!): black coffee, lilt zero, water, large wine (8.5 syns) and five-ish home measure gin and tonics while I watched the election roll out :(

So, goodness knows how many syns and no Hex A. Great for a first week....
I am struggling with my Hexs - I thought I would be doing the right thing by filling up on free and superfree but then I am not hungry for a Hex option!! Well it is 4.5 per 35ml measure of gin, but who knows for my measures - I have confessed on my food diary and just classed it as 'lots'. If SW could class gin as a hex everything would have been OK!!!
I decided to go red today and to also try a bit harder with my Hexs. I have decided to draw a line under yesterday and get on. Today I have had:

Breakfast/lunch: 2x wholemeal toast (HexB), 2x poached eggs, 2x smoked turkey rashers, 1x Linda MaCartney sausage (2 syns).

Snack: raspberries mixed wtih vanilla Mullerlight - nice!

Dinner: Chicken cooked with a sprinkle of paprika, ham and a big old salad with fat free dressing.

Drinks: black coffee, water and Fanta Zero

I still need another HexB and an Hex A - I was thinking that some cheese on toast might be a nice treat in a bit :)


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Hi - am just offering advice so please dont be offended.
If you had been properly green you would have had another healthy extra a choice but as you didn't you were in effect extra easy so there was no need to weigh or limit pork. xx
Thanks Liz, any help is welcome xx. This is my first week and I have a lot to lose (6 st +) so I am anxious to get it right (gin binges aside!!). EE scares me a bit as I can't see how it works - I thought that food optimising was about limiting either one or the other?? Stupidly I also thought that by going with original/green days I would also be able to enjoy extra hexs. I just really want it to work and to not be fat anymore :(....

Hopefully I haven't completely ruined everything last night and will have a loss this week and will relax with the plan a bit....

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